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The administration of Hon Wasiu Adesina played host to the Community Development Advisory Council Annual Congress at the local government secretariat on the 23rd of September 2021.

Tagged ‘Community Policing, Panacea To Safe Environment’ the program saw the local council in a liaison with established grassroots security outfit (Community Policing Forum) CPF aiming to enhance security measures across Ikorodu local government.

With Dr Wale Hammed (Hon Commissioner, Ministry of local government & Community Affairs) ably represented by Hon Babatunde Jimoh, the event also played host to other stakeholders; Mrs Kikelomo Sanya-Olu (Permanent Secretary, local government community affairs), Alhaja Sherifat Ewunmi (Director Community Development), Alhaji A.A. Amusat (Chairman, Community Development advisory council), Alhaji Lukman Sonibare (Ikorodu CDC Ikorodu), CDA’s Executive and Ameen Olawale Ibrahim (Vice-Chairman Ikorodu North LCDA) amongst others

In a lecture to enlighten attendees on The roles of members/residents in promoting security in the community, Pst Taiwo Kayode (Chairman, Community Policing Forum CPF) expanded the need for residence to stay cautious about their immediate environment for security purposes.

“The foundation of Community Policing in our society today is that “you must know your neighbour”, It is not negotiable!, In the first instance, we realise that Community Policing is the answer to our security challenges in our various communities neither we like it or not. Therefore, if the core objectives of Community Policing must be achieved, all residents are enjoined to cultivate the new attitude of Community relationship and participate in one way or the other, so that criminality will cease to hide behind our inactions and unnecessary Ego” of carelessness”

“It is a terrible blunder and unpardonable security risk for a stranger to pack into a building in the community and some CDA never bordered to pay him/her a familiarisation visit, only to be waiting for
such stranger to come forward for the purpose of paying for electrical Connections into his/her house. The most sensible thing to do is that the leadership of the CDA must endeavour to pay the new comer a welcome visit within 72 hours to one week of his/her arrival on behalf of the CDA”

“In the process, the Resident’s Data Form will be given to him/her to fill, in order to have details information about him/her and
the family. Remember, this process should be carried out with an appreciable degree of humility, love and absolute respect for the sanctity of human right. If you want your community to be at peace, run away completely from any religion discrimination and extremism. It is no longer news that all of us are in love with money more than God Almighty, just imagine, if we can love one another just the way we love money, our society Would have been a paradise on earth where safety will be guaranteed without any stress”

“If you cannot change for the better, do not take your believe more than your closet, so that you don’t ignite fire that is capable of consuming the entire community, including yourself and family. Going out and coming in without minding what is happening in your
environment is an invitation to insecurity. You must systematically observe every human activity around you, no matter what, and when you notice anything strange that is likely to tamper with the security of the community, call your leaders immediately, they know what to do. “Always say something when you see something”. The situation in Ikorodu and the country at large has demanded without any reservation that each community must engage the services of local security vigilante to compliment the efforts of the police in securing our communities, simply because the police cannot do it alone. Therefore it is only sensible for any reasonable individual to co-operate with the community leadership to make it work, especially in the area of security monthly levy”

“How well are you engaging the youth in your community, how many times have you organise a youth conference to interact with these our leaders of tomorrow or even leadership training. How accessible are you for these youth to come to you to express their minds or opinions about the happenings in the community”

“If you have not been doing this, then the entire community is sitting on a keg of gun
powder, waiting to explode and the consequence is better imagine than experience. Let us begin to act now. I know him/her from Adam, I know what he/she can do or not do, I can bet my life in trusting him”, hmmm!!- Not anymore, because life is changing every minute and human beings are revolving around it as well, therefore, trust yourself alone and God Almighty as the ultimate. Your moment of careless talks about your business or Source of income, what you put on Facebook, Instagram etc. about your family must stop, if the security of your life and property is important to you. Beware of domestic servants and the strangers you allow to work on one thing or the other in your home”

“Our nation is becoming more dangerous than the one some of us grew up in, without any doubt, the future is blinking and extremely moving towards darkness, not the darkness of a room but the darkness of human hearts where the wickedness of killings, stealing, kidnapping and destroying the property of one another are hatched. The mighty stranger of the dark is really threatening the great halogen of our collective destiny, which brings to question where is Our moral training”, do you have one at all, and how well have you been putting it -into practice? Unless we revisit our culture of moral values and decency which bestowed on us the rear or doing the wrong thing to the other person, then we can begin to hope of recovering as a broken and wounded Nation. “For there is no any right way of doing the wrong thing and expect the right result”.
Everything you do as a resident or a member of a CDA in your Community must be based on the principles of sincerity of purpose,
absolute honesty, love and ultimately, the fear of God” Pst Taiwo Kayode Added

In his remarks, the executive chairman (Hon Wasiu Adesina) reiterated his desire to collaborate with grassroots agencies and stakeholders to foster growth and development in Ikorodu local government on areas of security, education and infrastructures

“Community development is an age long social activity in our society. Even before the advent of the colonial administration, people had at different times in history, organised themselves groups and had communal resources to provide physical improvement and functional facilities in their respective localities. For example, communal labour was employed in constructing homesteads, clearing farmlands, roads, and even some public utility buildings such as “obas” palace, market stalls and town halls”

“When we talk of community development, I must say is one of the many existing highlights of living in a society which brings development to one another for essence of co-habitations in communal way with families, friends, neighbours, co-workers and markets where we interact with ourselves, with common interest, share ideas and render services to ourselves”

“While applauding the laudable focus of the Lagos State Governor (His Excellency, Babajide Sanwo-Olu), I want to assure the good people of Lagos state, that Ikorodu Local Government under my Administration will continue to partner with the CDA, CDC in Ikorodu by handing over most of our projects to the CDA for proper monitoring. As one of you, I want us all to look into areas of importance in our communities where we need to help ourselves to curb crimes, violence and insecurity which is why we have the Community Policing Forum (CPF) here to work together”

“Let’s work together and tap our untapped resources to improve our IGR-internal generated revenue, To sustain our environment with secured implementations, eradicate diseases by disposing our refuse regularly as required by authorities, To protect our residents from dilapidation and de-flooding our drainages, To create empowerment for our youths with skills and wealth creations to better their future, To encourage our youths to go back to schools for quality education, To form a community body to provide collective amenities such as street lights, cleaning and sanitation and clearing of drainages, To protect our children from rape and local crimes, violence and abuse of drugs, To pay stipulated levies on residents in collaboration to the rules and regulations of Lagos state, To be our brother’s keeper”

“Making positive contribution to our congress for the growth of our communities an outstanding outlook among others. I suggest that this congress should be held every year to review our progress and deliberate more on desired needs in our communities. To engage ourselves on well meaning projects that will uplift the face of Ikorodu” Hon Wasiu Adesina Asserted

“With the remarks made by Hon Wasiu Adesina, I am totally satisfied with his approach to collaborate with both the community policing forum (CPF) and CDC to enhance community development, I am certain my boss (Bldr Adeola Adebisi Banjo {Executive Chairman Ikorodu North LCDA} would also support and stay in line with the measure he’s putting in place to grow the LG” Olawale Ameen Ibrahim (Vice-Chairman Ikorodu North LCDA)

Hon Babatunde Jimoh speaking in the capacity of the Honourable Commissioner, Ministry Of local government and community affairs, Dr Hammed Wale urged stakeholders to stay in line with the council’s agenda on developmental front to keep the community flourishing and aspiring for greater project executions.

“Just like in the issue of security, if the community does not support our law enforcement, the job will not be done effectively, it is a collaborative effort to get our local government in position to deliver better solutions to every challenges we face”

“We must continue to support our council boss in the area of security, because it is a collective battle. Adhering to the address given by the chairman of the community police forum is also key in this congress. We urge everyone to stay vigilant in their respective endeavours to keep our community safe” Hon Babatunde Jimoh averred

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