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Ps 105:17-22, 1 cor 15:10, GOD’S favour is what makes men. Every change of story is triggered by an encounter with the word. 2 cor 3:18

Isa 59:8 There are pathways to anything we desire from the Lord and until we locate the pathway we can’t get anything from God.
John 14:6, Acts 20:32, 2 cor 5:21, 8:9, Hos 4:6, 1 pet 2:24 we are healed according to our faith on the finished work of CHRIST on the cross.

Lk 8:48, Mk 10:52, Righteousness is the pathway to live a Godly life. 1 John 3:7, 1 cor 6:9-11, 15:19, Godliness is the only guarantee to secure a place for ourselves in eternity.
Every spiritual gift ends here on earth, only Godliness can take us to heaven. 1 Tim 4:7-8 Engage the truth in form of exercise to actualise your Godliness. acts 24:16 It takes Godliness to secure a place for ourselves in heaven. Rom 14:12 everyone answers for themselves in heaven.

3 Cost Of Ungodliness

  1. It blocks access to supernatural Breakthroughs on the heart. Prov 1:23, Ps 25:14, 1 Thes 2:10 It takes Godliness to access revelation and it takes revelation to breakthrough 2 cor 12:7. Dan 5:11. Revelation only flows with the fear of God. Isa 60:1-3, 8,22, John 2:7, 9:7.
  2. It devastates and destroys destiny. 1 cor 8:18-20. Don’t pull up your shoulders before God thinking that you can do it all by yourself in pride. 1 pet 5:-5, 16:18, Josh 7:25 sin is a destroyer of destiny. 2 kgs 5:27
  3. It blocks access to eternity with CHRIST. 1 cor 6:9-11, Rev 21:8 Deal with whatever disqualifies you from heaven today so that you can have access to heaven tomorrow. Eze 18:27-24, 1 cor 10:12. Repentance is about thinking through our actions to see whether we are in line with the word and ways of God. Lam 3:4, 2 cor 13:5, prov 28:13 we can make a return back to God any day we choose to. 2 cor 6:2.

Demands of Godliness

• Sos 2:15, 1 pet 1:16, Matt 5:48
Note that there are no small sins.

We can’t do anything without His help Rom 1:4, John 8:46, 2 cor 5:21, 20:21
The spirit of holiness helps us to walk in the high way of holiness.
The most uncarved for amongst the seven spirits of God is the spirit of the fear of the Lord. This spirit of holiness should be the most carved. Rom 8:11-13
The spirit of holiness makes us come alive to God and dead to sin.
• We must continue to engage the power of the blood for rescue when been attacked. Zech 9:11-12. No true child of God enjoys sin. Heb 9:13-14 The blood has the power to purge our conscience from dead works. Engage the blood for your rescue when you sense an attack against you. Rev 12:11, Zech 3:1-4. Godliness is absolutely for the individual’s benefit. Heb 9:27
• Stop every evil thought before it degenerates into an act. Mk 7:21-23, prov 23:7. The 3 ways we can avoid sin are; Renew your mind by the word, the name of JESUS and engage the blood when you are held captive by the man of sin. If you stop the thought, you will destroy the act. Prov 4:23

Covenant Day of Favour
We live in a kingdom of keys.
Locating the keys to favour gives us access to favour. Matt 16:19, Lk 11:52, Hos 4:6

What does it take to access heavens favour?
• New birth brings us into favour with God and men. We are saved by grace through faith, this makes us a product of divine favour. It takes been born again to remain a candidate for divine favour. Rom 8:32 every time believer returns to God, all his lost rights are restored. Favour always welcomes God’s people into His kingdom.
• Righteousness brings us into favour with God as in the case of Joseph and Daniel. Dan 1:8-9, Gen 39:4, 42:18
• Serving God and the Interest of His kingdom gives us access to favour. ps 102:13-15, ps 44:1-3, Nothing secures our place in destiny like a favour. Matt 6:33 Do what God asks you to do and leave the rest to Him. No one ever runs out of favour, running after God and the interest of His kingdom. ps 34:10
• Sacrificial giving of our financial resources procures favour

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