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A pioneer member of the recyclers association of Nigeria, Fellow of the international institute of information management, Nigeria institute of enterprise management and analytic with various local and international certifications on the green economy, Ambassador Lawrence Onwakwem is a force to reckon with, An employer of labour and a youth leader.

In his reaction to the just-concluded Green-spring group’s youth mentorship series as a guest speaker, touched on tenacity and persistence as a way to drive entrepreneurial goals.

“The virtual symposium held on 17th of September 2021, was meant to empower youths in growing their ideal business choice in a variety of ways. Hitting on the topic ‘Building a business that lasts’ I was able to marry my life experiences to visionary goals which kept me stable and focus on realising my business objectives”

“We engaged over 50,000 individuals alongside other prestigious Nigerian luminaries on the essence of aiming at absolute success in business. Knowing that failing is not the end of the world, it should be seen as a stepping stone to wax over time experience, the platform was used to impact the youths in areas of business management, exposure and building oneself as a brand, staying rugged and dogged to face the basic challenges before embracing subsequent accomplishments

“The advent of the covid-19 pandemic has drastically slowed down our rising economic tempo, making it paramount for all to stand on their toes and creating opportunities as the need arises. Becoming an employer of labour is the best approach mentality for every individual”

“More valuable now is for an individual to have a particular skillset even after going to school to thrive better. The era of gallivanting around in searching for jobs is fast dwindling, self productive individuals are edging themselves at the frontiers of the economic market, gradually becoming the price-determining factor to drive growth”

“As an advocate for environmental service & youth sustainability/empowerment, it’s quite easy to understand the direction of our industry conceding that everyone must be on alert to make ends meet as the nation pedals to recover”

“In a nutshell, youths shouldn’t just bag certificate and move around looking for jobs, the society does not condone that anymore, it is wiser to blend degree with a skill set that will keep you relevant in the industry you find yourself. Staying sharp and alert to alternative opportunities means you must be ready at all front to succeed” Ambassador Lawrence Onwakwem added

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