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The word of God provokes supernatural Breakthroughs. Lk 5:5-8 The word is God’s stirring rod for the manifestation of supernatural Breakthroughs. Isa 60:1-3, If you are tired of breakdowns, the instrument required to break through is the word.

The word guides us through the journey of life. Ps 119:105, 2 Tim 3:16-17, every time you allow the word of God to direct your life, you’ll keep making profits. Isa 48:17. The word is the principal instrument for direction. ps 119:105

What are the wonders in the word?
• GOD’S power resides in His word: Eccl 8:4, Lk 4:32 Every time the word is unveiled, the power of God is released. Heb 4:12, Rom 1:16 if you’re looking for power the location is in the word. Lk 5:17
• GOD’S word is supernatural: Ps 119:18 It is superior to Natural protocols. John 9:7 when they say there’s no way out, then turn to God to take over.
• GOD’S word delivers: Ps 107:20 It brings deliverance. Isa 5:13, John 8:32, When the light of the word comes darkness is scattered because the strength of the enemy is in darkness. Lk 22:53, Matt 28:18, Ps 62:11, Rom 13:1, All power belongs to God and what is left with the devil is deception. Meaning the devil can only overpower us through our ignorance. The power that the devil is posing with is fake. Go for light and you’ll see how powerless the devil is. Anywhere you see fear what is lacking is light. John 1:4-5, Eph 5:15
When light comes alive, the weakness of the devil is exposed.

How to Tap Into the wonders of the word:

  1. You must be born again: John 1:11-12, Mk 4:11 salvation gives us access into the mysteries of the kingdom. It is the spirit through salvation that gives light. The power of the word cannot flow through you until you become a child of God.
  2. You must possess a meek spirit like Moses: Num 12:3, Ps 25:9 God will only teach the meek. Rom 11:33 God is very vast for anyone to know enough of Him.
  3. Be committed to walking in the light of GOD’S word: John 8:12 Whatever God’s word says, obey it and you’ll enjoy the benefit of that word.
    Miracle services.

• Miracles are no accidents, they are the confirmation of the word we receive and believe. John 1:12 miracles comes becomes the individual received the word and not because the individual heard it.
• Miracles are no accidents, no are the deliberate act of God to the desperate faith of men. Mk 10:46-48 How desperate are you in faith because when your faith becomes desperate, no one can stand in the way of your testimony.
• Miracles are no accidents, They are GOD’S response to the obedience of His people John 2:5. It is when you obey God that He’s able to manifest the miraculous.
Only those who believe in miracles ever experience them. Matt 9:27-29, Mk 6:5-6
It takes our faith to take delivery of our special package because it is not about what God can do, but how much man believes. Acts 19:11 God specializes in dealing with difficult cases.
Expect to be healed and the healing will come.

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