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MRS. OLUGBEMI MOJISOLA ADUNI. AOPSHON CHAIRMAN: The NUT Ikorodu have been awesome. Comrade Fakolade has given back too cannot do it alone. FAKO should keep the flag flying the teachers in terms of welfare packages, health sensitisation, JIGI FAKO, widow program etc. he sets records and break the same with outstanding performance. he is indeed an achiever.

MR. ADELABU OLUMIDE, GOVERNMENT TECHNICAL COLLEGE, IKORODU: Been bored under the leadership of comrade Fakolade is a no-no. Indeed the branch chairman NUT Ikorodu and the entire admin are doing great. I pray for more Exposure because he has popularized the activities of the union in co-operation and support within Ikorodu and beyond.

MRS. SANNI-KAMAL OLUFUNKE: One thing I have learnt from Comrade Fakolade is his selfless service to the teachers across Ikorodu. Comrade Fakolade is a great man. He has humanity (teachers) at heart. He has been transparent enough. Directly or indirectly FAKO help teachers welfare and NUT Ikorodu has trained other people to take up leadership roles even to the mainland where I was transferred from in different areas of endeavours. The difference is clear.

MR.OLAGOKE D.O: Comrade Fakolade Oluwafemi Oluwaseun jp has gone beyond expectations because he is a game-changer. his administration has put up the aspirations of teachers in Ikorodu. You can work to the
NUT ikorodu secretariats to get a car loan, food etc and pay by instalment. His manifesto is a testament to his true personality.

MRS ADESANYA REBECCA OPEYEMI: Comrade Fakolade Oluwafemi Oluwaseun JP has exceeded the yearnings of teachers in ikorodu. He has transformed the era of “We no go gree” unionism. The union is everything he promised teachers even in areas of welfare. We’re positive to see more from him going forward.

MR LAWAL OLUSEGUN ANCOPS CHAIRMAN: I’m impressed with the leadership of the NUT Ikorodu Branch. Comrade Fakolade Oluwafemi Oluwaseun JP has been fantastic in all his programs for the teachers. NUT Ikorodu has gone miles beyond what teachers expect, having the fastest growing Cooperative in Lagos state. I want to appeal to the Chairman and the entire Excos to keep searching the nook and cranny of the teaching profession and fish out a more enhanced approach.

DR. FASHAKIN OLUMIDE Head, HR and Administration Dept., LGEA, Ikorodu: NUT Ikorodu is a pace setter. The Branch Chairman and Excos have done marvelously well.

MR. ODUNYEMI NURUDEEN: Comrade Fako work on sensitive areas to the advantage of humanity, He is a trailblazer. NUT Ikorodu has never had it this good since I joined the service. He has carried everyone along.

MR INAKOJUGENIYU ODUNTAN: In terms of representation, NUT Ikorodu has to maintain the tempo or better still surpass it because Comrade Fako is doing a good job. Under this administration, school representatives have been part of the program of the union. There’s been inclusive governance in the operation and activities of the union. Comrade Fakolade listens to teachers and does what they want at all times.

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