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Continuation of the school’s sensitisation program organised by the Imota Students’ Union which commenced on the 4th of October, 2021, had its tentacles spread to two additional schools within Imota LCDA.

With facets of the program still intact, students got served hot with the food nourished with educational nutrients as they learn, relearn and unlearn.

The program, which focuses on Academic Excellence, Healthy Relationships, and Effective use of Social Media, were discussed extensively by invited facilitators versed in the areas concerned. Amb. Anuoluwapo Okubote, a student from Lagos State University(LASU), department of History and Education and a co-founder of Mandate Inc.; Amb. (Miss) Adebimpe Adebara, founder of Piece Of My Heart Foundation, and a Sexual and Reproductive Health coach; the President of Imota Students’ Union, Amb. (Comr.) Ogunbowale Olatayo Bodunrin, an Electrical/Electrical Engineering student of the University of Lagos(UNILAG), Public Speaker, Deputy Director Focus Point Academy; each anchored the aspects of Social Media Usage, Creating Healthy Relationships, and Attaining Academic Excellence respectively.

The warm reception of the School Management of Regal College, Imota merged with the presence of the students of Great Nation School, set the ball rolling by 10 a.m at the school hall as facilitators dished out the points pivotal to the students’.

It was indubitable that the students did enjoy every bit of the program with their rapt attention to the facilitators and sincere questions asked. The course of the program was well coordinated by gallant comrades of the Union coupled with a few staff from the school.

The presence of a hand-full of comrades and the humble presence of the coordinator of Ikorodu News Network (INN), Michael Eromona made the event a worthwhile one, as he buttressed the effective usage of the media and also introduced to them where their energy can be a channel to through blogging.

A similar experience took place at Paradise Academy. The enthusiasm of the Principal and staff of the school upon the Union reception made the visit worth their while. As the facilitators addressed the concepts highlighted. The students had their best possible composure with their ears stretched to decode the signals of the words from the facilitators.

While cogent questions were raised and answers supplied, the climax of the program reached with warm words of appreciation from the Principal, as a nice impression from the Union to the school was made.

While the facilitators emphasized points including utilising the educational tools that the internet has to offer for academic excellence, learning skills from the internet for pay, cutting off excess time spent on the media, maintaining and defining meaningful relationships with the like gender and the other, effects of teenage pregnancy, abstinence, friendship, having the right mentor and role model, having consistent study sessions, remaining focused on the prize, and most importantly, never forgetting the G-factor(God); the students showed sincere appreciation for the efforts that the Union put in place, the calm facilitators and the board of the School Management for the provision with promises made in inculcating their selves, the lessons learnt.

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