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In a brief chat session held on the 12th of October 2021, Ikorodu news network (INN) engaged the CEO NestgeeksRealty and Investment, Developers of Elevation Garden phase 2 at Salabo Isiu in Ikorodu north LCDA.

The real estate property developer was preoccupied for a duration of an hour thirty minutes with questions to decipher his intents and purpose to develop properties within Ikorodu division, across sections of Lagos and Ogun state.

Below is the main exclusive excerpt from the interview session.

INN: You’re not based in Ikorodu, so what drove you to acquire 40 hectares of land space in Ikorodu?

Oluwatobi Martins: Well, it’s the passion to provide comfortable home that is pocket friendly for Ikorodu Residents. Also I have the passion to provide a safe and lucrative investment for those who desire to invest in property.

As we all know that investment in property is one of the safest and most lucrative investment when done with due diligence. The only asset that appreciate with time and never depreciate is land and building. I must give kudos to INN for projecting Ikorodu as a very beautiful city.

I see Ikorodu as the next mega city because the 4th mainland bridge is coming, The Lagos rice mill located in Imota is also a factor. And research as shown that when u want to buy property which can appreciate quickly, There are 3 things to consider; Next to a thriving biz environment, Next to a university and Next to a police station for security. The three parameters will always influence the price of property to move upward quickly.

INN: When we accompanied you during your site inspection some weeks back, we found out that Elevation gardens also has properties in Epe and Mowe Ibafo. Looking at the different regions in comparison, what has been your major challenge as a real estate developer?

Oluwatobi Martins: My major challenge as a developer is finding and acquiring a land with genuine Title and safe from Omo onile palaver. But thank God I have always overcome this challenge because I carry out due diligence before acquiring any property.

Elevation Garden phase 2 in ikorodu has a very good title and it’s peaceful environment. No Omo onile palaver at all and It’s also very close to Caleb University and Imota Rice mill, So investors can buy and go to sleep knowing that their investment is safe and it will appreciate quickly. For all I can say the environment is very peaceful.

INN: Can you tell us about structures you intend to put up inside elevation gardens phase 2? Plus your price range for interested buyers and those who wish to rent your properties?

Oluwatobi Martins: We intend to build 3 ,2 and 1 bedroom bungalow and the price for 3 bedroom is 13.5million naira, 2 bedroom is 9.5million naira and 1 bedroom is 7.5million naira.

The plots are sold at 900k per plot as a promo price, Actual price is 1million naira and promo will end by October 30th, So wether its a plot anyone want he/she can get.

The 800k promo ended last week. But for the sake of INN, We will extend the 800K to any interested buyer for this week. Anyone who comes through INN will get it for 800k, though this offer will only run for one week. For further enquiry, I can be called on 08023019217,08175326174.

INN: Real Estate brands like Adron Homes has ways of making their presence felt in regions where they develop properties. What is elevation gardens doing to make Ikorodu division know about your properties?

Oluwatobi Martins: We believe in contributing positively to the development of any community we have our Estate. For Ikorodu, the board is working on several ways to alleviate poverty in Ikorodu region which includes, sponsoring Empowerment programs where people can learn skills that they can use to solve problems for others and earn money

Secondly, we also plan operation stop hunger
Which includes distribution of raw foods in some areas in Ikorodu. We believe in service to God and humanity slogan, As we will take pictures and do short videos to corroborate this in the nearest future.

INN: We’ll follow you up on those listed support measures, but what I meant by the question was the level of awareness you’ve made to attract prospects to elevation gardens phase 2, Like billboards and others. Just recently we saw Adron homes branding a LASTMA stand at ITAMAGA, beautifying the roundabout at the same time creating awareness about their presence. Are you working on something of such?

Oluwatobi Martins: Ok, I get you now, of course it’s part of the plan.

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