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Ongoing Schools Sensitisation approaches it’s ends as it’s touches two more schools in imota. A program organised by Imota Students’ Union in a bid to enlighten, educate and orientate students across schools of its environs on three main factors that threatened the career success and academics of a student i.e; poor academics performance, creation of unhealthy relationship under learning and less effective use of social media which end up affecting the career and success of students.

Just has the program approaches it’s ends on Wednesday 13th October, 2021 two notable schools were visited as they welcome the presence of the students body and facilitators set to enlighten, educate and re-orientate the students on the focus of the program.

First speaker was Comr. Ogunbowale Olatayo Bodunrin, a student of University of Lagos, public speaker, youth ambassador, deputy director focus point academy and the Incumbent president, Imota Students’ Union as he unleashed to the students on the topic creating healthy relationship as a teenager.

In his presentation he discussed at length explaining to the students on meaning, types and purpose of relationship, he outlined facts to be consider while creating relationship of; understanding who to create relationship with, selecting your relationship partner, define your relationship with another party and knowing the right time for relationship.

As the sensitisation rolled, the second facilitator Comr. Achibong Precious Christian the Director of Studies, unveiled to the students ways and practical strategy to attaining academic excellence of which mentioned ways are planning, attending classes regularly, cultivating a reading and studying habit, creating good learning relationship with other mates, having the positive mindset towards achieving success and praying.

The last session of the sensitisation talk was concluded by the president as he spoke on the topic effective use of social media hereby broadening the horizon of the students on basics fact they have to know in other to use the media effectively.

He dished out ways to use media effectively as a system where all sort of information shows the likely image of an individual personality, he further made it known to the students that attaining academic excellence required allocating time for media so as not to waste productive time on irrelevant affairs while using media. Other points discussed; learning how to manage media, accepting friend request of benefit and making media a learning platform and not distraction.

Coordinator, Ikorodu News Network (INN), Mr. Michael Eromona, a media practice personnel also encouraged the students on ways to use their media as he made it know to them that student media strength can as well be channel to blogging for profit making.

Comr. Adenusi Olamide David (moderator of the program) reiterate to the students all that was said by the facilitators as he charged them to ensure they make use of all learnt in the cause of the program.

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