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Ikorodu doyen lions club implemented its annual vision project for residents around the community, converging both the young and old at Olorire mosque (ayanbadejo axis) opposite Jamatul Islamiyahh Primary School, Sabo road in Ikorodu on the 16th of October 2021.

The program which involved free eye screening, free eyeglasses plus free cataract surgeries hosted 150 individuals for 4 hours in a bid to extensively service humanity in every way possible, thereby creating a better and healthy society for all.

With medical experts on board to carry out adequate tests and voluntary members of the club coordinating the health-oriented activity, the program was well-received by inhabitants as the venue witnessed a large turnout of beneficiaries sitting even at the exterior section of the building.

Speaking to Ikorodu news network (INN) during the program, Lion Olumide Obasanya (Chairman, vision project) averred the program essence, which is to check for individuals with eye deficiencies, diagnosing the probable cause and subsequently administering follow up solutions in areas of lens provision and also basic surgeries (particularly cataract).

“Today, we will be given eyeglasses after the screening if necessary, those who require treatment will be referred to qualified medical centres for proper continuous improvement. We’re on standby till 2 pm to keep registering residents as they flock in to get screened because wherever there is a need there is always a lion”

“One glass will not fit the prescription of every deficiency, different challenges require a different solution, For the ones that have eye issues with the corrected lens available here, they will be given accordingly, but for those whose lens are not here due to their unique challenge, we shall refer them to the centre to get the ideal corrected lens to remedy their plights

“After deliberating on how to execute this program, Ikorodu doyen lions club established different means to get our message out to the public as an awareness campaign for the masses to participate in this free screening, we posted banners, adopted social media and also used our mouth to talk to people around as a build-up because there is no special candidate, our service is targeted at the vulnerable ones who actually cannot afford to pay for this type of health care on their own” Lion Olumide Obasanya added

In addition to the eye screening, high blood pressure tests and sugar level tests were also taken to ascertain contributing factors that can decline effective eyesight.

Lion Olaegbe Kareem (President, Ikorodu Doyen Lions Club) elucidated on the club’s consistency in helping the needy, urging capable bodies and individuals to imbibe generous lifestyle.

“The month of October is assigned for vision project annually, and this project is used to assist people’s sight for better visuals. Our club has a term called ‘Need Assessment’, which creates a niche for us to go around a particular community and discover areas where we can support them most significantly

“Sometimes, people don’t know that they have eye issues until they go for tests, and we also discern at the grassroots level a lot of basic needs that foster healthy living is missing”

“I will advice our people to have the mind of giving, the mind of service will actually transform Nigeria as a country. If you’re buoyant enough to buy a bottle of beer then you should be able to support others as a form of service to humanity. It doesn’t take much and it carries a lot of blessings, which is why as Lions, Ikorodu doyen is living up to expectations across our communities”

“This project will not be this triumphant without the consistent support of our gallant doyen members; Lion Femi Aluko, Lion Lanre Oyedepo, Lion Remi Bello, Lion Vitus Oparah, Lion Sikiru Agboke, Lion Oladeinde Abiodun, Lion John Adewole, Lion Jamiu Afolabi, Lion Omotayo jokomba and Lion Tony Ojoh, their unwavering support keeps us stronger and help transforms lives consistently in Ikorodu division” Lion Kareem Olaegbe Asserted

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