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The school sensitisation program organised by Imota Students Union(ISU) approached its climax as the program ended with a warm reception from Halogen College in Imota LCDA.

Among the presence of notable personalities were the President, Director of Studies, a Comrade and a Stakeholder, all from the Union, the Principal and her staffs, an invited facilitator, Ikorodu News Network (INN) Coordinator, coupled with the target audience (students).

The program commenced by 10:00 a.m prompt on Friday, 15th of October, 2021, by facilitators talking on the three main themes of the program as it was meant to be. The jaw war of eloquence from each speaker dished out points coupled with jests to lighten the mood and foods for thought for meditation.

The first session was handled by Comr. Michael Stephen Okereke, a Stakeholder and comrade of the Union spoke extensively on The Effective Usage of Social Media. He talked about having a personality on the media that depicts responsible individualism, using the internet for academic purposes, utilising tools for connecting with the right people and looking out for soft skills to make ends meet while using the media.

The second session, which ushered in smiles glowing in the faces of the students was handled by Miss Esther Ukwenlewa, a graduate of Accounting and one time Lagos state youth ambassador pressed on how students can maintain healthy relationships. She enumerated points including but not limited to abstinence, defining relationships, keeping a clean conscience and delaying gratification.

The President of the Union, Comr. Ogunbowale Olatayo concluded the program with the last session on how students can attain Academic Excellence. Educational tips for growth and self establishment were shared with the students, including having a mentor, setting realistic goals, keeping up with classes, having a positive mindset and achieving success with God.

To buttress the aforementioned points enlisted and highlighted during the program, the Principal and Mr Michael from Ikorodu news network (INN) gave words to be held by the right hand of the students, warm enough for contemplation.

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