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“It is all about engaging every individual until they become community developers, We are the ones that gouge a borehole for others without drinking water from it”

A statement by Rotarian Olukemi Bakare (President, Rotary Club of Ikorodu Metropolitan) as the club empowers individuals who graduated from its vocational and adult training program on the 23rd of October 2021.

The empowerment presentation which took place at the megalite event centre in Igbogbo saw voluntary members of the club, past presidents and guests lauding the kind gestures of the service-based association towards impacting the lives of skillset acquired participants in the latter part of the year.

Hair Barber, Phone Repairer, Event Decorator, Leather Maker and Adult class individuals were among the 15 sets of people supported by the club with items to kick start their already acquired skillset for purpose of profit-making and establishment of goals.

Rotarian Olukemi Bakare continues, “We know that these individuals cannot start from nowhere, Yes! they’ve acquired the knowledge but also they need start-up kits to position themselves at any intended structure they deem fit to forge ahead with their business goals”

“Procuring them with these gadgets will put their mentalities at ease from the get go and even open doors for others to drizzle favour on them as they gaze to flourish in their preoccupation”

“This assignment would not be apparent if not for the consistent backing and inducement from my predecessors and loyal spontaneous members of Rotary Club of Ikorodu Metropolitan. Together we’re reaching lives and improving standards of living at the grassroots” Rotarian Olukemi Bakare Averred

Mrs Adeola Onabanjo (Principal, Rotary vocational training centre igbogbo) thanked the leadership of the club for standing by every participant, for supplying business start-up items and for rendering words of encouragement to boost their already solidified mindset.

“One of the first things we do when we receive these interested applicants, we check on their level of literacy, and if we noticed that they’re not sharp enough, we, first of all, take them to our adult class to brush them up for a certain period to make them eloquent and presentable in their intended field of skill acquisition”

“One cannot just decide to become a competent caterer or an Event decorator and lack the essential communication techniques to engage his/her clients for basis of initiating a cordial business relationship which would grow their businesses. That’s why we take them through the adult class before engaging them in the vocational training section where we have numerous categories equitable to their interest”

“I crave to sincerely respect the Rotary Club of Ikorodu Metropolitan for standing by their word and assisting these aspiring dwellers to fulfill something momentous in our neighbourhoods. Times amass change and a lot of people are desperate, but with empowerment agendas like this, there is hope and future even for the grown-ups that skipped basic precepts of life at their cradle stage” Mrs Adeola Onabanjo Asserted

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