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2 chron 20:20 The pre-Shiloh encounter services shall be services of the deliverable of one thing at a time. Where we make just one request at a time.
Mk 11:24, John 11:41, 6:6, Thanksgiving is the covenant key to take delivery of the acts of God.

What is Thanksgiving?
• Fresh oil: ps 92:1,10 Thanksgiving releases fresh oil, which disarms the enemies, for you to take delivery of your miracles. James 5:13, 4:2, Dan 10:12
Ps 27:4, Jer 29:13,

Ex 4:17 The word that you can hold is what puts you in command of the supernatural. Ps 119:18, 1 John 1:1, Lk 10:1,7. No one emerges a giant from birth, everyone grows into gianthood step by step from childhood.

Wonders in The Word:
• GOD’S word is surgical: It can reconstruct every damaged part of our lives including our body. Gen 2:20-22 He performed the first surgery on Adam by opening him up to create the woman. He is the master surgeon. Mal 3:6, Jer 33:6, 30:17. We must expect a visitation of the master surgeon.
GOD’S word delivers as far as our eyes can see. Gen 13:13-15 Every truth we see in the word triggers automatic faith. He carries out the surgical wonder by His word. Heb 4:12 His surgery goes through the flesh to the joints, marrows and thoughts of the man. The word we believe and receive is the word we are empowered to experience.

• GOD’S word is creative: Gen 1:1-4 It creates solutions to impossible problems by His word. Jer 32:27, Matt 8:8,13 if the situation is not repairable then God will create the solution. Eze 37:2-10
It creates answers to bugging questions.
GOD’S word opens up graves Eze 37:11-13
He specializes in replacing anything dead or dying around our lives.

How to Maintain Access to The Wonders of the words?
• Remain connected to the Apostles, prophets and teachers that God has sent to you. Jer 3:15
Connect to their teaching ministry to learn and develop into a kingdom giant.
You can’t be the ladder and the climber at the same time. Their job is to bring us to the same realm through the teachings that God has brought them and even higher. Remain connected to their teaching ministry.
Every giant today, went through teachers yesterday.
If you hate to be taught, you’ll be limited in knowledge.
• Remain committed to giving God the glory: Jer 13:16-17. For every light you access, return the glory to Him because no revelation is on merit, it is the gift of God. When you return the glory to Him, He Grant’s you access to more lights.

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