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Supporting communities for health reasons can be described as customary fortes in the norm of a typical lions club, as cultivating an adequate lifestyle is Germaine to earning a lasting societal impact for all.

In time and season, the club continues to resonate with the neighbourhood even in the ember month,  Ikorodu metropolitan lions club progresses to make residents in Ikorodu central discern the need to take their disposition seriously.

Embarking on a walk for healthy living and free medical appraisals for diabetes, the club catered for a hundred individuals on the 20th of November 2021 at the redeemed Christian Church of God closely behind the Ayangburen of Ikorodu kingdom’s palace.

With consultants to engage participants prior, the plebe units of the club got up en mass to broaden their assistance once again in encouraging the indigent and advancing their usefulness to humanity under the leadership of Lion Babatunde Shobowole (President, Ikorodu metropolitan lions club)

According to the club’s service chairperson, Lion Prince Olatunji Oredipe, the club aims to bring diabetes examinations close to the people during the merry season.

“November is our diabetes awareness month, which we do annually. On the 14th of November is world diabetes day, but on that day we were in Ondo state accomplishing the calendar activity with another district of 404 associations, on getting back to Ikorodu we felt the need to also engage our people & not leave them behind”

“We started the walk from Total filling station at Benson bus stop, sharing flyers and giving peep talk to residents around on how to prevent diabetes and heeding the signs/symptoms attached to the ailment”

“Seeing the need to also create a talk session and bring experts to charge the residents compelled us to converge at the church site with another similar program organisers (creating room for question and answer sessions to balance their sugar level intake), making the course bigger than intended and reaching out to more people in the community”

“Some people do not know that they have diabetes already until they sustain injuries that hardly heals. That is why we deemed the program necessary to help create ample awareness for our residents. Slotting the engagement in batches, the tests on diabetes ascertain 50 persons by assortment and so far we have engaged two assemblages” Lion Tunji Oredipe added

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