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Dr Oshodi Seye Paul, CEO of Oshodi arts gallery which encompasses more than 17,000 art collections, (promoter of Ondo arts festival) and executive producer of Miss arts Nigeria was honoured by CSR reporters as the Personality of the year in attribute to his contribution and impact through Arts and Crafts.

The Nigerian based social responsibility magazine, propellers of all-corporate social responsibility publication honoured the art developer on the 21st of November at its annual CSR reporters philanthropic awards

According to Mr Eche Munonye (Editor-In-Chief of the publication) before the presentation at Radisson Blu in Ikeja, “This ceremony is established to celebrate individuals and organisations at the forefront of the laudable culture of giving back to society in every industrial sector, motivating them to attain the supplementary achievement”

“In the World of Arts and culture in the whole of Lagos State and Nigeria, Dr Oshodi Seyi Paul has done a lot to impact our industries, carving more niche for aspiring creative minds in that sector. His empowerment programs and training of students from different tertiary institutions caught our attention”

“He’s a force to reckon with and we’re proud to identify with him in fostering growth and development” Mr Eche Munonye expanded

In his acknowledgment speech, Dr Oshodi Paul appreciated the organisers for the honour, asserting his tendencies to accomplish more goals

“I am honoured to receive this award due to only that I did not pay for it, on like other distinctions where you’re compelled to pay. It is noticeable presently in the world of arts, Oshodi arts gallery is delivering unique content, our consistent work attracted this honour to us and we’re very much grateful for the encouragement”

“We’ll keep investing, accumulating and reaching lives to the best of our capability. Breaking new footings with the disposition of stocks we develop and for sure the sky is the trudging stone for us” Dr Oshodi Paul phrased


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