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Fresh out of the United Kingdom, Alhaji (Basorun) Babatunde Tajudeen Rotinwa (Chairman, Ikorodu division resource development group) graced the latter part of the symposium fully charged to disseminate his wealth of experience to personalities at the media engagement.

The former head of Lagos state local government service commission implore media practitioners to embrace sufficient technology and jettison the conventional standards of publishing information to accumulate swiftly.

“Only a primitive individual will stagnate his/herself knowing how technology has boosted everything we do today. Actually with a phone now, one can accomplish the obligation of a laptop computer, gone are the days we strive to gather knowledge. The phone accomplishes it all”

“If you want to learn? Google is there, and if you want to upgrade? Too many applications are on the playstore for anyone to access and differentiate their services from others. This also applies to news reports”

“My recommendation is for all our community media personnel to adopt technology at full speed to redefine their approach to discharging news and information. It gives rise to an easy delivery, balance less stress and provide room for more job opportunities” Basorun Rotinwa added

A conference like never prior, an alliance to open fresh doors and set precedents was the objective at the 2021 volume of Ikorodu news network  (INN) summit of synergy, gleam scenery at the media sector in Ikorodu division for a positive impact.

With a Flag-off gesture by Bldr sesan daini (executive chairman, Igbogbo baiyeku LCDA), an overview perception from Mayor Deen Sanwo-Ola (DG iCare Foundation), followed by a nail hitting special guest presentation by Mr Fola Tinubu (MD Primero Tsl), and of course a precise and conclusive input by Alhaji (Basorun) Babatunde Tajudeen Rotinwa (Chairman, Ikorodu division resource development group), the symposium, by all means, should remain a consistent trajectory to bring checks and balance in different sector as attested by all stakeholders in attendance.

Not to shirk media institutions like The Impact, Ikorodu Oga Online Radio, Africa Super Tv, Ajasa Info and Newsconnect giving rise to inputs as the prone topic involves their factors similarly.

Oversight of the forum is a bell ringer on the necessity for fora practitioners to work concurrently and rewrite the pessimistic portrayal impel by superficial impetus as averred by Hon Balogun Rotimi Olatunbosun (a real estate mogul and political strategist)

“The media can precisely do a lot to positively redefine the texture of Ikorodu division to all of Lagos State and Nigeria because it is what they prepare as information that is consumed by the masses. Whatever story they stay on is what the people talk about”

“While we’re sure of some other pressing issues that require the government attention and immerse contribution to proffer remedy, Development and growth in some ways can absolutely be spiked by the news medium which the system conforms to over time”

“With engaging summit like this, it is possible for solutions to pour in and like minds to work together for the common good of the community” Hon Balogun Rotimi asserted

Sitting in the capacity of Hon Wasiu Adesina (chairman Ikorodu LG), Comrade Akadri Adeleke Sayleke admonished community columnists to work together in injunction to achieve ample potential in handling grassroots challenges that subpoenas effective scope to put forward results.

“I am of the opinion that some of our community journalists have been compromised, which has showcased a level of disconnect in bulging the outgrowth of Ikorodu division”

“The synergy is not apparent as it appears everyone amasses a diverse level of bonds, but I must say this, if our journalists can unite and perform in a collective manner, there is no limit to what Ikorodu division will achieve. No man is an island as we all need each other to grow fast” Comrade Sayleke asserted

Omo’ba Peju Akinyemi (CEO, Ikorodu Radio) in his outlet acquainted talk advised stakeholders to assimilate journalists in eclectic breadth and clouts.

According to the Mr Peju “An agency like guardian, punch, TVC or Channels TV cannot be compared to community reporters like us that goes directly for coverage purposes. We own our agencies and that makes us more exposed and vulnerable in covering certain news”

“Stakeholders trying to put us on our toes should also understand the risk we take in putting stories out there. The mainstream media has numerous mobile reporters and at the end of the day they call it reliable source” Mr Peju iterated

Mr Azeez Olosugbo a former local council chairman candidate for Ikorodu LG persuaded the community agencies to stay neutral in their inclination and maintain to their ethics which speaks proportion to their credibility as correspondents.

“It is obvious that only media outlets with good credibility has the conscience to tackle bad governance in totality. An agency cannot be bias and expect to bring forth the ideal change that the community desires”

“A dual responsible performance is demanded from both the media and those in power to live up to expectations. Compromising an agency for money will seclude the fora from shining the light of change”

“If we want to project Ikorodu as the new face of lagos state, then all parties involve must wake up and be accountable to their every functions both in the public and private sector” Hon Azeez Olosugbo Added

Kunle Adelabu, Chief editor of the Impact  Newspaper also double as the program anchor buttress developmental strides made by community correspondents.

“There is no doubt in my mind that a lot of things has changed in our community while we’re expecting more changes to come, over time we’ve done a fairly good job as reporters to check mate implementation of projects by leaders and also spur activates across the LG/LCDA to foster growth”

“While glancing at avenues to enhance our outreach and function more effectively, which I’ve to commend the organisers of this conference for, there is no qualm in my mind that junctures put forward by stakeholders and the council chief are already been peeked into by passionate reporters” Kunle Adelabu surmised

“Information is key, as CEO of Oshodi Arts gallery, I can attest to the importance of allowing the progress of my signature stays in the forefront of the media. It attracts prospects and investors, shows the right way to go and liaise with the right sets of like minds to work with. This forum is significant and I hope that afterwards there will be proper coordination to help Ikorodu division prosper” Dr Oshodi Paul

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