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Mayor Deen Sanwo-Ola, DG of iCare foundation also present at Ikorodu news network (INN) summit of synergy 2021, emphasised the need for proxy media outlets to stay on the lookout for false media agencies depriving Ikorodu division with negative information

The digitally-driven and blunt self urged media fora to become the soldiers for Ikorodu division at the online domain noting that the region is illustrating more opportunities to people than the horrible propaganda it’s obtaining.

In his remarks “Negative news should not be more than positive communication, that does not mean that the negative news should not be reported accordingly. Creating a balance without bias is necessary which is the absolute reason we’re here today”

“Now, considering above the 60% per cent margin of people living across Ikorodu division own their homes, that is a testament to the comfortable lifestyle Ikorodu can provide for an average Lagosians not just indigenes alone”

“I want to believe that this summit is also presented to address people who are denigrating the face of Ikorodu and gets away with it. That prognosis should not be tolerated anymore because we’re long overdue to have a strong mouthpiece on the online space”

“There are some negative reports about Ikorodu which are fake and propelled by those who have no idea about us, making our waterbed region a hotspot for phony news reporters to grow their readers and expand their coverages. At some point, I engaged our youths and told them to stay on high alert for extremely false reporters debunking and discrediting their news immediately”

“There are different cases (one about an incident in Palmgroove but along Ikorodu road, another at Agbowa and one during the advent of covid-19 pandemic) where reporters have messed up the credibility of this extraordinary region and we anticipated our internal reporters to act as our combatant and ensure to refutes such presumptions

“Every region has its uniqueness, and there is no local government in the federal republic of Nigeria that does not face challenges of miscreants, cultism and social vices. The traditional media will make you believe that the issue is only synonymous with Ikorodu”

“In Lagos Island, we don’t see how often they fight in the news because their media agents suppresses it, but if it happens once a month here in Ikorodu, it goes viral. While we’re not in anyway or form condoning turmoil, we can certainly see the role of the media in either heightening the circumstance or extinguishing the crisis”

“Our reporters also must follow up stories till the end. They should not just ample the predicament without thrusting further to find out what occurred next and press for follow up updates to see the case settled. It presents reporters as a bottom-feeder who are only interested in the trend, not the solutions”

“My statement is clear to our community media platforms, if as a reporter you’re afraid to report the positive stories, then you should be worried to report the negative ones too, If you want to be reasonable, then you must dispute reports that you see it’s not factual. Standing in the gap and letting people know the truth must be your watchword” Deen Sanwo-Ola Asserted

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