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Act of giving was exemplified at the premises of divine heritage orphanage care centre on the 27th of December 2021, as children of Alice Foundation reached out to residents across Ikorodu division with free medical check-up

Aimed at keeping individuals appraised of their health status centred at illnesses like High blood pressure, Diabetes, Malaria and Eye deficiencies, the program engaged men, women, boys, girls and even children trotting the course for virtually a day to justify its nature expectations

Subjecting registered persons to a preliminary wellness test, individuals are subsequently channelled across to departments of concern based on illness diagnosis or recommendations by medical experts on the ground and portioned to numerous offices to meet the needs of patients 

“We’re given hope and help to the community. Assisting those with eye issues, they’re tested for sugar level and also for high blood pressure, subsequently given the adequate medication which includes eye drops or corrected lens” Rev Mrs Ebun Oluwatoyin Idowu (Director and Founder of Divine Heritage Children {Orphanage} Centre lkorodu)

“It is a yelling to give back to the society, projected under God because he has delegated us to help the needy, that’s why we’re allowing everyone around us to benefit from it, from the children to the aged ones”

Working with the numbers as more residents troops into the charitable  premises, Mrs Idowu asserted, the program is spanned to cater to 500 selves but already has harboured 300

“The process permits people to do their vitals, know their weight, examine their sugar level and blood pressure. From there they continue to another medical expert who’ll interview them further on their health significance while previewing their vital results, before directing them to the next personnel who’ll check their visions with sophisticated equipment as the prescription is given based on discovery”

“Those with cataracts or glaucoma are also evaluated and put on special guidance. Some patients will be sent to St. Raphael while others will go to Ikorodu general hospital based on the severity of their health challenges”

“I’ve also urged them to understand the details of their results, so it will help them do proper follow up wherever they’re referred to” Mrs Idowu broadened

Divine heritage children care centre in Ikorodu (recognised by the Lagos state government) shelters children from broken homes who lack parental support which according to Mrs Idowu plays both spiritual and physical roles to reshape the life of future leaders

“Divine heritage takes care of vulnerable children, the less privileged and orphans given to us by the government. Their mothers are place at majiduun while the children are brought here for protection and upkeep

“Working under the Lagos state government and the magistrate court, linking lost loved ones back to their households and also guaranteeing that those suffering tame abuses are given the right aid due to cracked or extended homes”

“When the children with shattered dreams come here, their health, education, physical and spiritual being are transformed for good. We fix them into college immediately while ascertaining their health status. Knowing their future is great, we nurture them to be better than their bad foundation

“As a foundation, we also organise the ‘Giving for living’ program to reach out to our communities because there are people with a lot of needs that require support. There are displaced parents, children who no longer go to school due to lack of funds or provision by parents, there are widows just moving around with children amounting to nothing etc”

“Giving for living is an initiative for us to empower families to provide for their wards” Mrs Idowu Asserted


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