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Award-winning Knights Club of Ikorodu on the 1st of January 2022 joined a plethora of notable personalities and bodies in splashing cash assistance to first babies at Ikorodu general infirmaries

Excellently led by its president (Oluwaseyi Adelabu) in synergy with Miss Oyeniran Hannah (winner, Miss Ikorodu Oga beauty pageant show 2021/2022), the fraternity forked out cash across all 16 children in the delivery ward of IGH

According to Knights Oluwaseyi A. Adelabu (club’s president), the league is a social humanitarian association with an agenda to whiff lives by benefiting the orphanage cottages, visiting hospitals and organising empowerment activities across Ikorodu division

Kt. Adelabu progressed, “Last year, Miss Ikorodu Oga emerged on the platform of the Knights club, afterwards we deemed it fit to engage on successive sponsorship projects together, one of those projects is to visit Ikorodu general hospital and aid 2022 newborn babies with the queen, which we have done today”

“Going forward after this presentation, we’re organising an outstanding quiz competition for primary schools, visitation to less privileged cabins and implementing community projects are also on the pipelines to be done one after the supplementary this year”

“We must be cautious of our people in need because they require our backing at all times, the world will be a better place when we give simply as God loves a cheerful giver” Oluwaseyi Adelabu augmented

Oyeniran Oluwabunmi Hannah (Miss Ikorodu Oga Beauty pageant show 2021/2022, in her short chat with INN on the synergy, stated the need as a role model to get entangled in life-transforming motions of this sort

“Functioning together with the knights club and understanding that the Kabiesi would be coming to Ikorodu General Hospital to bless the newborn babies, we felt the need to marry the procedure and also reach out to the households in our protocol”

“This is the first assistance circuit am directly pertained to as the new face of Ikorodu Oga pageant show, it is just the inception of my tenure with more task ahead to be done in servicing humanity through our platform”

“My era as queen is a form of rebranding for Miss Ikorodu Oga beauty pageant show, we want people to know that as a queen, it is not just about the crown and sash, but about making lives better by giving back to the society” Miss Oyeniran asserted

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