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A special thanksgiving of prayer, worship, praise and sermon to God was the order of the day at Ikorodu local government secretariat on the 6th of January 2022, as staff and executive members filled its hall to the brim, expressing gratitude for the new year.

Hosted by the council boss (Hon Wasiu Adesina), the programme featured clergy homilies, songs of honour and adoration plus invocations led by Islamic and Christian clerics in Ikorodu local government

According to the chairman, “Putting God first in all that we do renders scheduling and project execution susceptible. We’re alive today solely because God has preserved us”

“It is right we commence-up this year by offering thanks to God for all he has performed, so he will finalize what he has launched with us” Hon Wasiu Adesina broadened

The programme was afterward charged by both religious clerics present at its high junctures

“Almighty Allah who has carried you and I safe and acceptable into 2022 will strengthen and lead us into 2023 as we proceed to thank him for preservation and provision”

“We should moreover not shirk to always beseech for our gracious council chairman and administrators, who he has positioned above us to project expansion and growth to Ikorodu local government” Imam Orilobamishe

In his liturgy, pastorate Olufemi Gilbert urged council members, “There is nothing we can give to God to show our level of gratitude aside Thanksgiving. The need to thank God is necessary to replenish his blessings and manifest his favour once again”

“My prophetic memo is for everyone to assign their mastery and God bestowed abilities to work. Don’t sit down doing trifle at your administrative hierarchy, there is a deposited reserve in your life that must succeed to existence in 2022”

“Study the vitality of an eagle in statute for you to realise your true price and influence your realm” Pst Olufemi Gilbert asserted

In her remarks, Aarebirin Hon Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba (Vice-Chairman Ikorodu Local Government) acknowledged the council boss for spiritually setting the new year pace, urging staff to follow suit to ascertain success

“The chairman has said it all, it’s just a privileged for me to give these closing remarks, so I am going to congratulate everyone ahead of our successes this year”

“Just like our pastor and Imam has rightfully said, we have given thanks to God, so we should be fully prepared for the blessings attached to it as we commit in our respective department to deliver our duties”

“We must stay diligent and always live up to expectations like I always say, it will all end in praise” Aarebirin Hon Princess Folashade Added

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