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A vision is the Unveiling GOD’S plans and purpose for an individual or a group.
Isa 29:11-12, Mk 4:11, 1 cor 2:14.
GOD’S plan is available but to access it we need to be born again and also be spiritual. Rom 8:6

GOD’S word is the creators manual from were we locate who we are, what we are worth and what we can do to actualise it.
James 1:22-25, Lk 6:46, John 2:5, Anyone can work their way to becoming GOD’S friend.

The seasons of Fasting and prayers is a season to access divine opportunities.
Isa 58:6,8,10-11. Fasting and prayers affects every aspects of our lives. Fasting affects our health. We are divinely guided when we fast. Isa 48:21

Some of GOD’S Plans for us:
We are redeemed to be more than conquerors: Col 1:13, John 12:35 Matt 5:14, Eph 5:, We have unquestionable Dominion over the powers of darkness through the word. Matt 5:16, Ps 119:130. It is a light from the word that keeps our life shining. Isa 58:8 fasting facilitates outbreak of light.

Matt 25:8-9, John 1:5, We must continue to go for more light to keep shining brighter daily.

Revelation is a booster of faith. why? Because no one doubts what they can see.
Heb 11:33, Rom 12:11 No one can get from fasting and prayers more than what they put into it. It must be given a business like approach.

We are redeemed to enjoy health and vitality: Matt 8:11, Isa 53:4-5, 1 pet 2:24
Before we were born, we were already healed. Prov 4:20-22 Feeding on the word stops sickness from feasting on your life.
GOD’S word is the spiritual balm in Gilead that heals us when we fall sick.

What is in the word that heals?
Divine Nature: 2 pet 1:4 As our divine nature increases through the word, the more sicknesses and diseases stay away from us. Engage in fasting and disease. Isa 58:8 Stop speaking sicknesses and diseases. Deut 30:19, Mk 11:23, watch what you say. Be careful what you say, because Angel’s acts on them. ECCL 5:6

We are redeemed to enjoy a glorious married life: We are redeemed to enjoy a peaceful home. Eph 5:22-30 Always ensure that you play your part, and leave your partner to play their role. The price for peace is knowledge. We are redeemed to be fruitful as the seed of Abraham.

CHRIST died on the cross to bring the redeemed into the blessings of Abraham. Gal 3:29, :28. Note that fruitfulness in every area of our lives is our heritage in CHRIST. Ps 127:3 Ex 23:25-26. Apply yourself to the instructions from heaven and your heavens will open.


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