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Residents of Idiroko community in Ikorodu west LCDA exhaled in mitigation as Hon Batife Daisi (councillor representing ward B) installs borehole, giving dwellers access to sufficient water supply

Sifting the favorable upshot of the moisture pump facility on the 19th of January 2022, Ikorodu news network (INN) verified that the water depletion quandary literally lingered for over 6months before the councillor’s intervention

A project enactment well-received by the community, elicited more accolades for the humanitarian manager (who also doubles as the deputy leader of the house) according to comrade Ayodeji Olufuwa (omituntu ambassador group Nigeria)

“After gliding office, the councillor drove around ward B in Ikorodu west local council development area (on a ward tour) and noticed Idiroko (a well-known community) lacks substantial water”

“The councillor, who’s yearning is to put a smile on people’s countenances saw to it that the borehole is installed, positioned at the heart of the neighbourhood for everyone to have access” Comrade Ayodeji added

The councillor, with plans to also embark on the ‘Let’s Light Up Ward B’ project, targetted at powering street lights across the community is poised to make his composure felt positively within his precinct

Mrs Adenike Florence (secretary of Idiroko market and a vegetable seller) extended her genuine acknowledgment to the councillor for his aid towards the community

“6 months ago when this water problem started, the Babaoloja of this neighbourhood went to the secretariat to sob about the challenges we encountered, but was advised to persevere”

“Two weeks ago, though I wasn’t around, but learnt that Hon Batife Daisi showed up with his delegates to evaluate the geyser problem and pledged to overhaul it after authenticating the difficulty”

“And truly yesterday, an engineer came to fix the borehole which we are now using effectively”

“Selling near the post, we’ve been monitoring the usage constantly as people have been surfacing regularly to have access to sterile liquid, which Hon Daisi has procured for us” Mrs Florence asserted

On education, it was also confirmed that the councillor is outlining his scenery at financing Cherubim and Seraphim school one with an enhanced food vendor stand cafeteria, simultaneously getting set to construct a decent toilet system for Majidun local government primary school


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