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Improving and Promoting arts, dance and crafts for better showmanship and patronage became the focal point of a synergy consultation between the second largest art collection centre in Nigeria (Oshodi arts gallery) and Guild of Nigerian Dance practitioners (GONDP)

The dialogue conversation, which took place at Oshodi Arts gallery on the 21st of January 2022, heed the CEO (Dr Oshodi Paul) and Ugo Obiayo Esq (Chairman, Guild of Nigerian Dance practitioners, Lagos state chapter) deliberated on norms to advance Ikorodu entertainment industry via creative inputs

With plans to introduce the dance guild, which stands as a regulatory body for dancers across Nigeria and Art as an inspirational platform for inventive growth, both parties pondered on a futuristic coalition to harness more talents and build profitable climes for minor mastery in Ikorodu division

According to the dance guild’s boss “There are a lot of creative individuals in Ikorodu division whose craft can be thoroughly nurtured if they can have consistent access to a place like Oshodi arts gallery, keeping them inspired all the time and exposing them to more efficient impulse”

“Our discourse is basically about bringing a sense of belonging to every dance practitioner, providing them with an identity that will enable them to increase in value and appreciation

“A lot of acts has been looking forward to being part of the relevant guild which is functional in several parts of Lagos, but not yet in Ikorodu”

“That we’re looking forward to bringing the guild to Ikorodu, it makes it even more unique and spectacular, working together with Oshodi arts gallery to guide young talented lads towards achieving their dreams”

The Dance guild boss also commended the CEO of Oshodi arts gallery for putting up an exquisite art centre in Ikorodu, making the region stand out for tourist interests

“If I had not come to the gallery, I would have doubted anyone who babbled about the breadth and tasteful output of this edifice. I want to congratulate Dr Oshodi for erecting such a masterpiece in Ikorodu” Ugo Obiayo Esq clamoured

Dr Oshodi on the hand welcomed the idea of an alliance to grow the entertainment sector in Ikorodu through arts and dance

“Already gravitating towards that direction (because we have our dance troupe), it is a good thing we have the dance practitioner’s chief here to uncover common footing and establish promising opportunities for the industry to develop”

“As an enthusiast of art and imaginative maestro myself, am optimistic that concurrently we can break impediments and elevate this sector to contemporary statuses” Dr Oshodi Paul Asserted

On the latter, both parties agreed on projecting undisclosed betrothals that would be made known to the public in due duration


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