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Six games, five wins and one draw catapulted Ikorodu City FC, the yellow tonic boys, to the top, reaping them the gold trophy in the pre-season competition games

The tournament, a build-up to the 2nd division of the Nigerian national league (NNL), flawlessly organised by Eko football came to its crescendo on the 29th of January at Teslim Balogun stadium in surulere, beheld an epic final match between the yellow tonic boys of Ikorodu city FC and OttaSolo football club

With fans, football lovers and club managers present (including the Director-General of Lagos state sports commission, Hon Gafaar Oluwatoyin Bolowotan), the first half of the game scaled through as Ikorodu City dominated with a lone goal

Early minutes of the second half saw a returning OttaSolo football club equalising the game via a free-kick relay made logical after a hard tackle foul yanked the yellow tonic boys to the unfavourable judgement stance of the referee

But when it appeared the game was looking balanced, the yellow tonic boys (Ikorodu city FC) bounced back into the lead with a beautifully placed free-kick from the left-wing of the pitch, leaving spectators in a frenzied state and the opposition frustrated

The match finished two goals to one in favour of Ikorodu City FC as the yellow tonic boys hoisted the gold trophy in utmost jubilation, mashing onto the 2nd division league with full vigour, presenting itself as a prime contender for other clubs to gaze upon significantly

In a brief post-match chat with Ikorodu News Network (INN), coach Abiodun Obafemi of Ikorodu City FC touted his yellow tonic boys with a skilled complement, crediting them for outstanding performance and affirming a favourable and promising turn-out come 2nd division league games in February

Coach Abiodun proceeded, “We came into this final understanding that OttaSolo FC fiddles with joy and also they have the best record so far in this competition, countering a team of that kind, one has to be highly technical. It is obvious we took our chances and the rest is history, we won!”

“Though we’re a team in progress, we have our drawbacks which we’ll work on as we proceed to prepare us for the league proper”

“When it comes to our shortcomings, I can say our feeblest point is the mode at which we concede goals from the opposition, talking to them previously, I had to make it clear that every player must be responsible for every goal divulged, But with that said I am optimistic that no squad can dissuade us from scoring in a game”

Coach Abiodun in closing scored his team overall performances in the pre-season tournament

“I am happy about the level of discipline we instil in them on reacting to goals, which encouraged them during the game, it enabled them re-energise and bounce back swiftly to gain control of the game”

“They played better against SmartCity FC, I scored them 70%, on this final encounter, they matched up to OttaSolo FC in technicalities, so I scored them 85%. Generally, as regards the competition, they had 6 games, 5 wins and one draw, I’ll give them 90%” Coach Abiodun enlarged


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