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The notion for the establishment of the lkorodu Chamber of Commerce and Industry was conceived by lkorodu Division Resource Development Group (IDRDG) following the successful hosting of the 1st Trade Fair in lkorodu Division in April 2000 tagged “lkorodu Division Expo 2000”.
The instrument used by the Group to achieve the remarkable feat was the establishment of lkorodu Division Industrial and Investment Promotion Council (IDIIPC) which comprised notable, pro-active, business-oriented and clairvoyant personalities who were, individually and collectively convinced that the rapid development of the socio-economic potentials of lkorodu Division was feasible and that member company stood the chance to gain in the process of Lagos evolving as a megacity.
The Chamber (ICCI) was incorporated in 2011 as a private, non-profit-making organization of businessmen and professionals, Limited by Guarantee (LTD/GTE), under the Company and Allied Matters Act 1990.
Its mission is to represent, support and protect the interest of the business community in Ikorodu Division and liaise with Government and the Private Sector within and outside Nigeria to promote infrastructural development, further attract and increase trade and industry, improve agriculture, conserve resources and stimulate public interests in the business of the Chamber.
With a Vision to develop the Ikorodu Chamber of Commerce and Industry into a first-class Business Organisation sharing ideas with sister chambers locally and internationally and maximizing the advantages of synergy in trade and industrial networking Services/Activities.
The Chamber offers a wide range of services to member companies; among them are the following Spotlighting economic potentials Data processing and management Business Researchers Mediation and Arbitration Feasibility Studies Consultancy Services Business Education Credit Rating Entrepreneurial Training Programmes Trade Fairs/Products Exhibitions, Economic Summits Business dialogue/Luncheon/Forum Production of Newsletter/Journals

The Chamber is committed to representing all business stakeholders in Ikorodu Division and will encourage membership and representation regardless of race, political affiliation, religion or association.
The Chamber is dedicated to forming positive relationships with and working together with government and non-governmental role players to overcome common challenges faced by the business community. The objective of the Chamber is to build a strong organisation that is heard at all levels of government and which has the financial clout to promote the common agenda of the business community.
In particular, the Chamber would like to work together with the government and non-governmental outlets to address the following broad issues: Attracting business and development Promoting individual and collective business interests of the business community, Accommodating new business/development/expansion Promoting the construction of roads, refuse dumps and infrastructure to enhance effective economic enclave Promoting cleanliness of the business environment Affording the business community accessibility to elected and appointed government officers.
Membership Benefits Among the plenitude of benefits accruable to member companies include the following: Networking opportunities with other business associates Valuable information sources Latest technology information Professional and personal recognition; Monetary gains from contact with new customers, clients, or allies; Personal ambitions to accomplish individual goals; Educational programs; Corporate and personal image Improvement; Industry or community involvement Personal and professional growth and development; Pro-business participation in government Projects that provide spill-over benefits to the community Satisfaction of belonging to a respected group; Opportunity to influence public policy Social functions, among others


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