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“The essence of a program like this is to catch them young, getting them fully educated about the dangers of drug abuse and other social vices, thus, keeping them at the safer side of life as they mature into greatness”
“These youngsters possess fragile personalities, whatever comes in first is what they mostly accept and run with, that’s why orientating them to become active ambassadors against negativity is part of our priority to keep them prudent”
Statements from Comrades Odusanya Omotayo (TYsleek) to Ikorodu News Network (INN) post awareness crusade program at Igbogbo baiyeku multipurpose hall, as the coordinator for NYCN IBLCDA branch torchlight the essence of organising a school exposure program.
Comrade Omotayo Continued, “With the season of love, St. Valentine’s Day crawling around the corner, Igbogbo baiyeku LCDA is not hovered to misinterpret or misguide our young ones about the significance of the spree, we’re setting up symposia to enlighten inexperienced lads on how to make the best out of a positive moment”
“Emphasizing on drug abuse and social vices is very key to us at this moment in time, where we’re having rampant news of young individuals getting caught up with unfavourable circle of friends and adopting meaningless lifestyle, thereby inflicting unrest in our communities” Comrade Omotayo enlarged
His assertions was spurted to compliment the National youth council of Nigeria, Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA’s branch partnership with Bashorun Care Foundation {BCF}, Nigeria drug law enforcement agencies (NDLEA) and Igbogbo baiyeku LCDA in organising an awareness program for schools in the community, scolding them to circumvent drug abuse and social vices on the 9th of February 2022
Multipurpose hall of the local council development area’s secretariat was the venue for students, enjoined to establish reasonable approaches and schedules, dwelling among positive influences, avoiding bad companies and staying on course with intellectual research to beget eligible ambassadors for Ikorodu division in general
Using Tramadol as a case study in a short lecture by Miss Tolu (a representative from the NDLEA), students were strongly encouraged not to get entangled in the deed of harming drugs.
She proceeded, “Tramadol is one of the most commonly abused substances in Nigeria. Medically, the common dosage is usually 50mg or 100mg, to be taken on hourly basis. However, doses above 100mg can be found scattered around every corner of the country, Higher dosages of tramadol Such as 200mg, 225mg, 250mg, 300mg, 400mg, 500mg and even higher can be found in illegal market”
“The physical side impact of Tramadol includes; Nausea (vomiting), Suppressed respiration (slow breathing), Slow heartbeat, Weak muscles, Seizures and Death, while the psychological side effects comprise; Intense happiness (high), Restlessness, mood swings, Hallucinations, Decreased alertness, Insomnia and Dependence or addiction”
Miss Tolu concluded, “Drug abuse or misuse of any kind or form leaves damaging effects on both body and mind, which can result to loss of jobs, family, friends, self-worth, asset, etc.
“It should also be noted that damages from drug abuse are very difficult or often impossible to reverse. Staying away from illegal and restricted drugs saves lives”
Mrs Sanmi (senior assisting rep from NDLEA) later engaged the students on a question and answer session, evaluating their learning abilities during the oration
Comrade Odusanya Omotayo (TYsleek) in the latter, thanked Bldr Sesan Daini (Chairman, Igbogbo baiyeku LCDA) for his support towards the execution of the event. He also extended his appreciation to Bashorun Care Foundation for always making their service to humanity count, while lauding representatives from the NDLEA for educating the students on drug abuse
“We’re not stopping here, this advocacy continues, believing that these students will go back to their respective schools (with the knowledge they’ve acquired) to talk to their peers on what they’ve learnt today. It’s the reason we’re making them ambassadors”
“There will also be the issuance of a certificate of attendance to each student as we plan to further work with their school guardian counselling department for extra awareness endeavours” Comrade Odusanya Omotayo broadened
Zummratul Islamiyyal junior and senior college, Oreyo grammar school and Lagos state civil service model college were among schools present, with Mr Asuni Abidemi and Ayo Oladusun from the office of education, Mr Sulaimon Akibu Babatunde and Mr Olorunjobe Vincent from Igbogbo baiyeku LCDA as guests in attendance


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