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February 14th, As various mindset continues to fantom the true essence of St. Valentine’s Day celebration, it significance and mode of expression towards growing or already established friendships, executives of Igbogbo students’ union (ISU) organised an online valentine Lovefest (Talk Show) to sensitise members and the general public of the phenomenon on the 13th of February 2022
Tagged: ‘Love At First Sight!, True Or Illusion’, the academic union spearheaded the orientation program via WhatsApp, intimating members on the fine-line between generosity and affection
With Comrade Tijani Abdulsalam (Director of studies, Igbogbo students’ Union) as facilitator and MC Tonique as the official anchor, the Talk Show featured special guest speaker and Nollywood actor, Tope Shitta bey chaperoned by Grace 95.5fm Lokoja’s Presenter & AOP, Katherine Odok
Excerpts from the Talk Show (Session Via WhatsApp)
Keywords from the Speakers:
Mrs Odok: Love, at first sight, exist for Men. Men are visual driven, with their sensory appeals and stimulation.
Mr Shittabey: What sustains a relationship is genuine intentions and not feelings based on selfish desires.

Q&A Session

What Is Love?
When we talk about Love, In what context do we apply the word “LOVE”
Mr Shittabey: Wikipedia says ‘Love’ is a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person, motherly/maternal love fatherly/paternal love.
“It is an attraction that includes sexual desire, the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship or a declaration of feelings”
If love is beyond mere words, can we feel it or experience it at first sight?
Or Is love at first sight just an exaggeration?
Mrs Odok: I say that love is life! However, you want to look at it!
“To love means to dedicate your life to someone, something, people or a course!”

Can we discover this at first sight?
Mr Shittabey: Take a moment to ask why our parents are still committed to seeing us do well, irrespective of our flaws and bad behaviours.
“The love we talk about here is not just an infatuation or the one that leads to the other room only! To love is to live for the beloved, to give freely to the beloved. And to stay true to them no matter what!”
Mrs Odok: Love, at first sight, exists for Men. Don’t come at me, let me explain why and how.
“Men are visually driven, with their sensory appeals and stimulation. When men see what they like, they are captivated, and that could be it!”
“For women, there are lots of other criteria which we may discuss later. But the majority of men were captivated at first sight!, Knowing that their senses can not be wrong, it turned out to be so”
“We cannot discard their story as an illusion because it happened. And for some women too, we have seen it happen” Mrs Odok added


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