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Drama, health talk, choreography and cultural arrays were among delightful outlines exhibited at the first-ever Association of formidable educational development (AFED) annual general meeting, Imota zone
The ceremony which took place at Foursquare church, araromi crescent in Imota local council development area on the 17th of February 2022, is aimed at enhancing educational activities in every sector
Playing host to Great destiny school, God’s grace school, God’s mover’s school, Cornerstone school, Rhomic Academy, New height Advanced school, Ark of God school, Lollybim school, Christ Merciful school, Commonwealth scientists group of Schools, Biomag school, De-God Grace school, Peace hall school, Yahweh Own school, Antie noble school, His Grace School and The Governor School, the edutainment spectacle thrilled participants and guest with the best of recreation
Establishing sessions for health talks to further help school administrators in developing a soothing environment for students, the program brought in guests from the health department of Imota local council, counselling private institution owners on criteria to keep pupils safe
Mrs Ogunbanjo Bola from Imota health service department urged both students, teachers and administrators to adopt healthy tips in keeping the school encircling clean at all times
“Schools must have health, safety, workforce and environmental plans because it’s key. Putting it in place will help them take good care of the children in a lot of ways”
“Planning against accident, having first aid kits, fall protection plan, food handlers tests, building an adequate amount of toilet systems, keeping a green environment, teaching the children personal hygiene & housekeeping, plus urging teachers to be cautious and work safely in their workplace”
“A school that is well presented will enhance effective learning by the students and facilitates better teaching practices by educators because it reduces disease spread and promotes health”
“We have also recommended that food handlers go through testing, while administrators should disarm their school surroundings with disinfectants” Mrs Ogunbanwo added
Applauding AFED Imota zone, Mr Sunday Michael (Chairman, AFED Imota LCDA), Stated that the ceremony intends to bring executives and members together for fun, simultaneously previewing their yearly stewardship account
He continued, “Our mission is to take education to the downtrodden. Private school owners have taken learning to areas where government schools cannot be situated, Now bringing these schools together to promote educational development in Nigeria is the objective of AFED”
“We also have our National Conference and congress which gives rise to everyone concurrently, aside from the annual AGM, set up for educators to rob minds and make progress educationally” Mr Sunday Michael expanded
Furthermore, Hon Gbenga Ojikutu, Imota zonal chairman AFED explained that the meeting is positioned to improve the educational standards in Imota LCDA
Hon Ojikutu expanded, “with about 17 schools represented here today, we aim to foster better academic exercise across this council. Though we’re on the rise, other schools have not yet identified with us”
“We wish to enjoin private school owners across this LCDA to join us in taking this academically oriented association to the next level, it is for our children to become better and civil in the future, so we have to work concurrently and improve this region”
“This is done to help our children meet up to all precepts and grow them to measure up wherever they go and whichever academic institution they find themselves subsequently”
As listed above, Administrators and representatives from each institution were fully in attendance (in addition to the entire AFED executives) at the event


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