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Rotimi Erogbogbo, known to many as the current chairman of Ikorodu Oga Development Association (IKODASS) is also the founder of Rhoda Youth Centre, a betterment entity that aid residents with key improvement need sporadically.
The centre which also harbours and bugles competitive activities, is aimed at setting up advanced actions to harness futuristic prospects around the communities, discover talents, engage the young minds entirely and enforce initiated trainings
Mr Erogbogbo’s Rhoda youth centre recently partnered with Eye foundation hospital (Ikorodu branch), clearly focused on helping others to cater to their vision issues from a medical standpoint, proffering a lasting solution
The free eye tests and screening program which took place at the Rhoda youth centre on the 17th of February 2022, saw over 100 individuals graced the youth centre, seeking solutions to their eye deficiencies
As free glasses were issued out to individuals needing corrected lenses, free Cataract surgeries were also secured for screened dwellers with delicate sight issues to further help procure lasting remedies to the health discomfort
According to Mr Erogbogbo (executing the undertaking without Ikorodu Oga Development Association’s input), the vision project is a lifelong mission for him to discern people with unavoidable sight predicament and set up fora to contribute treatments through strategic partnerships with medical institutions to create a vision safe environment for Ikorodu residents
The Rhoda youth centre founder continued, “It is a scheme that I’ve assigned myself to personally undertake till I leave this earth, helping others with stare complications get solutions through either the provision of corrected glasses or recommended surgeries if necessary”
“Most people do not know the degree at which their scenery has been affected until they get checked, they thought they’re doing fine, not knowing how problematic their vision has become before the check-up”
“(It is a collective support program) that’s why we’re collaborating with eye foundation hospital (Ikorodu branch) to help our society gain back their sight, assisting them to have access to their dreams and life aspirations”
“The program is for both the young and old, while some of the later treatments will be given to the adults at subsidised prices, the younger ones will receive free medication and treatments”
On sight complication level, Mr Erogbogbo stated, “it is a wise thing to know your health status on time rather than becoming a victim to preventable eye-related illnesses. Getting assessed helps individuals know where they stand and what action to take”
“This is just the first stage of the health procedure, after ascertaining the number of individuals that requires glasses and cataract operations, we shall move to the next phase with the eye foundation hospital further engaging residents through those process”
Reaching out to eligible bodies and institutions to join the course, Mr Erogbogbo later urged notable and influential folks to join the fora and make life easy for inhabitants as a means of service to humanity
He advised, “You don’t need to have it all to change someone’s life, you don’t need all the money in the world to make society a better place. It is about joining the course and supporting as multiple as you can, from ten thousand naira to as much as you can give. No amount of money is too small to give”
“People get abducted from their intended passion in life due to one health reason or the other which they could have easily prevented if prior measures were put in place for checks and balances, to help in promptly checking their health status and knowing where they stand”
“Lack of taking preliminary health measures can end one becoming not only a liability to their loves ones but also an unproductive individual to the community” Rotimi Erogbogbo asserted


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