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As well-meaning Nigerians continue to call on Nollywood and the entire entertainment industry to sanitize its movie presentation by creating films with positive messages, displaying moral subjects and promoting her culture extensively, Empire academy, organised its first Caucus general meeting on the 20th of February 2022 in Ikorodu region of Lagos state
With a total of 7 season talent hunt exposition under its belt (to discover new actors and actresses), the movie institution, established in 2009 (under Radio Lagos, Eko FM & LTV 8) held a special caucus session in a bid to restructure its outfit, orientating its members and upgrade the quality of output releases from its stable.
By introducing the caucus, according to its executive, the main objective is to harmonise the Academy which spans across different parts of Nigeria, centralising its operations and developing world-class standard motion pictures from a unified angle
Speaking to Ikorodu News Network (INN) post caucus meeting, Omoba Adediron Oluwaseun (Coordinator of the Empire Caucus) explained that the meeting serves as a reunion to the body after some duration of hiatus from showbiz
Adediron Oluwaseun continued, “this is an indication that we’re back in action, set to deliver new contents and also unifying our capacity to create big box office works”
“We’re about bringing new ideas, energy and professionalism into the industry, over the years, our members have been fully trained and equipped with tools to do exploits in the entertainment industry, and now we’re set to show the world” Mr Adediron augmented
Olaitan Jewola, an actor and also a derivative of the Empire academy lauded the caucus for reestablishing the ensembles to further propel its creatives
“This caucus will further help give us a voice among the ever-competitive Nollywood scene, making our members stand out and also open doors to more career opportunities”
Mr Wole Oluwaseyi Ojojolu, (Chairman, Empire Caucus) explained the reason behind erecting the Caucus, clearly spelling out its futuristic goals to impact the movie industry
Mr Ojojolu expanded, “Empire caucus is setting out to amass a change in the way we do things. Our viewers have nailed us as being part of promoters of immoral content and misplacing our culture. They are saying we’re the ones polluting their children at home and instigating the young lads to commit crimes”
“As Yoruba filmmakers, part of our major target (in Empire Caucus) presently is to bring back the culture, ethics, integrity that will change the narrative of immorality”
“In achieving our plans, it is directed at keeping our culture alive and positively resonating with all of our passionate audience” Wole Ojojolu enlarged


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