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President, Lion Princess Adebukola Adefolayiga and her entire administration of Ikorodu pioneer virtual lions club received the district governor (Lion Fortune Wagbatsoma) on her second-day assignment trip to Ikorodu division on the 25th of February 2022
Known for procuring welfare and health solution to inhabitants, the club took the district governor to Ikorodu suburb community (Mowokekere) health centre where the unit organised a paediatric cancer awareness campaign, plus distribution of food items to the elderly and widows around the neighbourhood
According to health expert and CEO, Total Respite Foundation, Dr Mrs Bolajoko Shogbesan (who was invited to speak at the program), ‘ lectured participants on the need to check for signs of cancer-related ailments during the preliminary project execution
She continued, “Cancer is abnormal cell growth, Childhood cancers although generally uncommon, are as real in Nigeria as in another part of the world”
“Most common childhood cancers occur in the Brain, Eye (retinoblastoma), Lymphoma, Blood (leukaemia), Bone (oesteosarcoma) and Neuroblastoma”
“Paediatric cancer is curable, and at worst controllable, if reported early to hospital and specialised cancer centres and various types of cancers affect the child population (0-19years). Although, Childhood cancers are not infectious, and cannot be transmitted from one person to person”
“Parents put their children at risk by; Genetic and familial predisposition, Developmental problems in the womb, exposure to infections such as EBV, HIV, HPV, Hepatitis B&C infections, and untimely vaccination against them, Exposure to radiations and toxic chemicals e.g indoor pesticides, Previous cancer treatments and Exposure to smoking” Dr Shogbesan expanded
While platforms were given to parents and elderly folks to ask questions on tips to prevent paediatric cancer amongst children and adults, Lion Adebukola Adefolayiga brought the district governor up to speed on the progression of the club in making the project execution successful
Lion Princess Adebukola Continued, “In our mission assessment hypothesis, we discovered that mowokekere community lacks the presence of institutions that could carry residents along and inform them on different ways to stay healthy”
“Ever since then, Ikorodu pioneer virtual lions club decided to carve our niche in this locality, bringing our services closer to the people of this community and keeping them knowledgeable by promoting decent habitation”
“Time in and time out, we’ve organised related programs like this and also supporting the elderly ones with welfare packages. Today, we’re honoured to have our district governor assist us in delivering this kind gesture once again” Lion Adebukola inferred
The district governor later urged residents to keep their health in check, simultaneously appreciating Ikorodu pioneer virtual lions club for reaching out to the isolated community
“The good thing about our assessment projection is that it allows us to discover areas that are not seen in the central parts of the region. This community is blessed to have Ikorodu pioneer virtual lions club behind them for subsequent orientation and support programs like this”
“My message to everyone is simple, based on the awareness campaign on health that has been justifiably executed by the club and its health partners, we must all try as much as possible to know our status at all times”
“We move around performing our daily shores not knowing we’re living with pending health challenges, it is important to be close to centres like this for appropriate medical checkup and information that will make us live healthily”
“While am very impressed with what the lions club are doing in Ikorodu division, am not surprised at all about the numerous accomplishments they’ve made so far” DG Wagbatsoma asserted
The DG subsequently allotted welfare packages to attendees, Lion Jimi Temidayo from Igbogbo platinum lions club (also in attendance) additionally promised to support the elderly people with drugs to prevent high blood pressure and stroke
Lion Leke Awofeson, Lion Olorunfunmi Bashorun were amongst members present


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