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The project commissioning across Ikorodu division for Lions club D404A1 crescendo on the 25th of February 2022
Staged at mowokekere health centre, the program saw Ikorodu Pioneer virtual Lions club aiding widows, elderly and residents alike with welfare packages and paediatric cancer awareness scheme/lecture
Most significantly, before the presentation of batches by the district governor (Lion Fortune Wagbatsoma), was the sudden contribution by a member of Igbogbo platinum lions club, Lion Jimi Temidayo, who also chaperoned the DG to the suburb neighbourhood
Filled with compassion and love for the aged individuals, Lion Jimi Temidayo gave a genuine abrupt oration to deliver drugs for residents in the community at the health centre to stave off stroke and high blood pressure
Asserting medical professionals on the ground to expect supplies through Ikorodu pioneer virtual lions club, the club member urged grown folks to take their health seriously as time and age gaps humans to proxy ailments
“Lions globally, we’re one, and whenever we see something that is good, it is better to associate with it, that was the reason I came out unexpectedly to speak on behalf of the president of Ikorodu pioneer virtual lions club (Lion Princess Adebukola Adefolayiga) because the elderly and widow’s project is laudable and should be associated with”
“As a medically inclined person, I understand that hypertension is one of the major ailments killing us here in Africa, basically because of lack of knowledge. As the program proceeded, I told my club president that I’ll like to support this project with prescription cache”
“Immunoprin is an immunosuppressive medication used to prevent organ rejection in kidney transplant recipients and to treat severe rheumatoid arthritis”
“Also a drug like Vasoprin 60 mg/75 mg Tablet is used in the treatment of angina (heart-related chest pain). It is a combination of two medicines that help prevent future episodes of angina. If taken adequately, it can prevent both stroke and hypertension
“Propelling medical supplies to this centre in addition to what Ikorodu pioneer virtual lions club is performing here, will be icing the cake for inhabitants. We have nothing to forfeit but lives to gain by assisting this course”
“Seeing people happy daily and touching lives is paramount to us as a form of service to humanity, it is an absolute joy” Lion Jimi Temidayo added


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