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Exploring Success virtues in kingdom stewardship. Job 36:11, There’s no success story without background because there’s nothing in doing nothing.
Outstanding success is not an ambition, but our birthright in Christ. matt 5:14, Eph 2:6, John 3:31 We are redeemed to be above all in all areas of life.
Prosperity means satisfactory progress. Job 36:11, Matt 6:32-33
Everyone in their right mind likes success. Success is everybody’s delight.
Success is not a transferable virtue, hence there’s no lineage of success.
This means that everyone has to make their way there. Gen 25:5
You can’t emerge a hero based on another’s inheritance. Gen 26:18-19
It means you must teach your children how to walk in success.
1 chron 29:3, Gen 18:19
You cannot have generational success without generational responsibility.
You can’t run a race with someone else’s legs. You cannot make a mark on someone else’s achievements. John 8:29
Rev 5:12 Everyone in the kingdom is entitled to the same levels of success based on how they see.
2 Factors in kingdom stewardship to culminate in success:
Divine Presence: Divine presence is the gateway to all-weather breakthroughs. Gen 39:3, 21
Men and women that command Divine presence thrives the most amid uncertainties.
It is guaranteed when we are on duty for God. Lk 10:1,17,19
Matt 28:18-20, Mk 16:20
Divine presence is the covenant game-changer of life.
What is in His presence?
• It clears the barriers on your way
• It causes all everlasting doors to lift their heads. ps 114:1-7, 24:7
• His presence paves the way to the high ways of life. Ps 16:11 is a 55:9
• His presence destroys all bitterness against our success. Heb 12:29, Dan 6:22 You can’t have His presence and be molested by the devil. Acts 10:38
• His presence is our guarantee for all-weather breakthroughs.
Serving God gives us access to the grace of God. It is grace that makes great. When we choose to serve Him, He unleashes His grace on all areas of our lives. 1 pet 5:10, Rom 1:16, 1 cor 9:16, 15:10
It is grace that makes us great and we attain that grace by the choice we make to serve Him productively.
1 kgs 18:21, josh 24:15
Ps 105:42, Gen 14:15, Gen 18:17-19
Deut 34:5, Ex 11:3 Make God the engine of your life. Ps 16:8, prov 4:18
Business and Career Breakthrough
Biblical keys to business and Career Breakthroughs.
• The Journey begins with being born again
In these last days, supernatural breakthroughs will become the identity of God’s people. Isa 2:2-3, ps 110:1-2
The last days are the reigning days of the church.
Lk 1:31-33, Eph 2:20 We belong to the family of the great and breakthroughs is the identity of God’s household. Matt 5:14
We belong to God’s family by redemption.
• Continue to seek first the advancement and well being of the kingdom as a priority for living. Matt 6:33, 2 chrons 26:5,
• Be connected to the covenant of tithing as a lifestyle, not when it is convenient. John 8:39, Gen 14:20, Lev 27:20, heb 7:1-8
• Be committed to kingdom advancement sacrifices as you may be prompted from time to time. Hag 1:3-11 if you want to matter to God let His matters matter to you.
• Engage in kingdom advancement endeavours willingly. 1 cor 9:16
• Engage in your business and Career pursuits with joy and rejoicing. Every negative idle word that a man speaks always have a way of coming back to him. Matt 12:36
• Open up to prophetic blessings as they come your way from time to time. 2 chron 20:20, Isa 44:26


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