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A reporter asked, “why has the council chairmen deemed it fit to come together at this time for a security meeting, a meeting that should have been done long before now?”, In response the Chairman of Igbogbo Baiyeku (Bldr Sesan Daini) replied, ” It is never too late to take a step as long as it is headed the right direction for the common good of the people”
“Seeing how connected we’re via our different LG/LCDA, tackling violations from a collective standpoint is the best option to reduce every form of insecurities, it is the same reason we (as council chiefs) must be able to appraise every established security agencies in our communities” Bldr Daini asserted
Embracing development and fast becoming a major attraction in Lagos state, For IKORODU, prioritising security is without a doubt the best way to proceed in the waterbed region of the State
Rarely have we seen press release endorsed by all council bosses. So, abiding on the positive viewpoint of progressive agendas, post gazing at the just-concluded security committee meeting organised by the 6 LG/LCDA council bosses across Ikorodu division, one notion outlines into the mindset of an average resident in Ikorodu, the days of insecurity is about to be a tale of the afterthought
While no one would be certain of an absolute eradication of periodic unrest caused by negative forces, one thing is certain, creating a conducive and peaceful community to harness better leaders has become a paramount obligation in the local council’s administrative trajectory
Presenting a platform for every given security outfit in Ikorodu division to be recognised by its LG/LCDA jurisdiction can peek holistically as a synergy for collective growth and development.
In retrospect, it is obvious that the council bosses are taking cognizant of the facts;
Security is a major criterion to the people in scaling the performance level of any government
More private entities are now ready to take the bull by the horn in their immediate communities by working towards providing its security outfit, which will short change the performance of the presiding local government
More importantly, improving the security trust fund is a key measure to strengthen and boost the law enforcement agencies thereby producing positive results in subsiding crimes and other social vices.
The just-concluded security meeting set up by Ikorodu division council bosses, hosted divisional police officers, chief security officers, civil defence corps and other security-oriented stakeholders
According to Hon Wasiu Adesina (Executive Chairman Ikorodu LG), “Experts in security layout at the state level has been recommended to us to work out modules in handling this challenges going forward”
“As chief security officers of our respective council, we have to act more than any other initiatives or organisations to provide a stable and serene society, our accomplishment in other areas will not hinder our focus in making security a key part of our signature feat”
“While working collectively to make the entire Ikorodu division peaceful based on our respective capacity, we also need support from capable individuals and stakeholders to make our trust fund robust in sustaining this protection” Adesina expanded
In addition, the chairman of Ikorodu North LCDA (Bldr Adeola Adebisi Banjo) told reporters that the security committee will not be once in a span undertaking
He continued, “I know people are thinking that we have come together based on duress, and so this projection might stay consistent”
“But the truth is we have decided to work it out together simply because one LG/LCDA cannot be peaceful or successful without the other”
“The beauty of this joint effort is to beget a more benign and helping community for all inhabitants” Bldr Banjo added
With a divisional security outlet insight as purported by the council bosses, there is essentially no limit to the foreseeable progress ahead


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