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Exploring Success virtues in kingdom stewardship. PT 2 Job 36:11
There’s no future for a playboy or girl in the race of life because life is not a playground.
Only serious-minded Christians have a place in the race of life.
Hebrews 12:12‭-‬13 KJV says;
Wherefore lift the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees; And make straight paths for your feet, lest that which is lame be turned out of the way; but let it rather be healed.
Life is a battlefield.
Life is a contest.
Prov 27:8 It is a risk to be found outside your God-appointed city of refuge.
Josh 201-6, 2 Sam 7:10 God has a place for us. Jealously guard your God-ordained place. Deut 12:13-14, jer 3:16. You’re ordained to multiply and increase under your God-ordained pastor.
Success is making satisfactory progress from one phase to another.
Josh 1:8, ps 112:1-3,10
When your success comes from God and you remain glued to God, no witch or wizard can reverse it.
Lk 16:23. Success is not transferable, everyone has to make His or her way there. Gen 26:12
How Much Success Virtues is in Serving God?
• Ex 4:22-23 When you enter into a covenant to serve God, He brings you into the realms of breakthroughs.
Ps 105:37, 2 chrons 15:12-15, Mk 10:28-30, Lk 5:3-7, Jer 30:19-21
You cannot be a part of the Multiplication and miss the glorification.
When we serve God, we enter into partnership with Jesus.
• Serving God is a platform for experiencing supernatural favour. Nothing flies like a favour.
Ex 3:21, 12:26, ps 30:7 Gen 39:3-4,21,22
The platform for favour Is commitment to the advancement of the kingdom. Ps 102:13-15
Fearful favour is a lot of those who are committed to serving Him.
Ps 44:3, ps 105:42, job 1:8, ps 89:20, Dan 6:20,3, jer 17:11
Invisible Barriers
2 forces are waring against our access to our glorious destiny
• Spiritual ignorance
• Demonic installations
Matt 13:27-28, 1 cor 16:9
When you have spiritual light, darkness bows and moves out of the way on its own.
John 1:4-5,9 we move from the realm of revelation to illumination and when we are illuminated we move from the realm of darkness to light.
It is spiritual illumination that puts us in charge of the forces of darkness.
Pray for access to light and as the light grows, we grow into the realm of illumination. Eph 1:21 no darkness can dare the authority of light.
Spiritual enlightenment is key to overriding any junk that the devil puts on our paths.
Spiritual ignorance is the greatest problem of the believer.
Hos 4:6, Isa 5:13. We encounter light through anointed materials and the bible. Anointed materials help us understand our rights in redemption.
What Must I do
• Be born again and remain so. John:7
• When a man is born again, he becomes a child of light and as he continues to walk in the light, he will continue to triumph. 1 thes 5:5, Eph 5:8, John 14:30, Dan 5:11
• Keep walking by faith: 2 cor 5:7, 1 John 5:4, Eph 6:16
• Keep serving God and the interest of His kingdom. Rom 8:31, Lk 10:11, Mk 16:20-21 No door can be shut against you when you serve God.
• Be committed to a lifestyle of prayers and praise. Ps 22:3, Ex 15:11 God’s presence causes anyone attempting to trouble us to tremble. Don’t toy with God’s presence. When you bring God’s presence in, things change. Ps 16:11


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