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Due to the rise of social vices, culminating with solitary reaction towards it most especially the younger generation, putting the future of aspiring lads in the swing, Initiatives are bringing awareness to the communities, sounding the buzzer as a clarion call for modifications to be accepted against the odds
Real Youth for Positive Impact Initiative a.k.a Realers Initiative in that same light betrothed students of Longson College at Parafa in Ikorodu North LCDA on the 17th of March 2022, orientating both the junior and senior wing of the private institution on the need to abstain from every form of abuse to stir up social vices around their communities
The refinement program which kicked off in the early hours of the day brought in motivational speakers and mind builders, clearly defining the consequences of social vices, encouraging the pupils to stay focused on their studies to attain a great future
According to the convener (Mr Ayanfe Ayobami), Engaging the students more has become critical as the fortune of the Nation is hanging on the balance with everyone now living in fear of being killed, raped, kidnapped and robbed due to reoccurring negative news making the rounds
Speaking to the students at the high point of the program, Mrs Oluwamayowa Itunuayomi Aramide (B.sc Accounting, MD/CEO Modus Dream school & a Business Proposal writer) stated that youngsters should avoid drug abuse, internet fraud and other forms of cybercrimes.
She continued, “There is need for young folks to know that they aren’t living by mistake, prevailing is for a purpose and social vices are one of the things that can destroy that purpose”
“Some key drawbacks in schools that students partake in which eventually leads to social vices include; Examination Malpractice. It is a form of deliberate cheating in examinations that provides one or more candidates with an unfair advantage or disadvantage over others. It kills self-confidence and determination, reduces self-esteem, reduces self-productivity, encourages corruption and discourages hard work”
“Rape as a part of social vices is the unlawful sexual activity, usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration carried out against a person without that person’s consent either by force, violence Coercion, or abuse of authority. It causes shame, embarrassment, trauma, stigma, depression, guilt, fear, sexually transmitted infections, injuries and death”
“And lastly, Drug Abuse as a catalyst of social vices is an act of using certain substances or chemicals to create pleasurable effects on the brain, it is the addictive use of drugs for nonmedical purposes despite social, psychological and physical problems that may arise from it. It can cause cardiovascular diseases, kidney damage, respiratory problems. liver disease, Psychological problems and lots more” Mrs Aramide expanded
Realers Olakunle Joseph further urged students to put their skillset to work and avoid negative influences
He progressed, “Cultism as a form of social vices is a ritual practised by a group of people around which causes untimely death and Loss of moral values. It displays behaviour where members are secretly initiated and it’s an eventual life ambition cutter

“Also, Cyber Crime as another form of social vices is an act of using the computer as a fraud, an instrument to further illegal ends such as committing extortion, child trafficking, pornography and intellectual property theft, stealing identities, violating privacy and so on. It destroys the country and personal reputation, kills Businesses, causes loss of properties and financial resources, causes hypertension and untimely death of the fraudsters”
If we are to make the world a better place for everyone to live, if we are to achieve our life purpose and fulfil our dreams of making our visions a reality, we all have to shoulder up the responsibility of abstaining from social vices and at the same time join our voices with others to fight against it” Olakunle Joseph added
Mr Adewale Victor (Proprietor, Longson College) conveyed his positive objective in collaborating with Realers Initiative on the awareness program
“We all know that the direction of the society is not overly in the hands of the government even though they regulate it. Our children need to be engaged now more than ever before on the essence of staying focused on their books to become better leaders”
“The news we mostly see now on TV, Radio and social media is not helping the mindset of our children and there is need for us to bring the message to them at all times. That’s why I deemed it fit to partner with Realers Initiatives to procure the information to our pupils from various angles”
“Programs like this will aid them in making good decisions, keeping the right set of companies and abstaining from gatherings that will not add any positive value to their lives” Mr Adewale proclaimed
Realers Initiative and Senior students of Longson College subsequently made an extensive road walk rally to sensitive residents around Parafa up to Lucky Fibre axis of Ikorodu North LCDA, distributing informational flyers to enlighten the general public on the dangers and consequences of entertaining social vices

Receiving the organisers and students in utmost excitement, Mrs Martina O. Ajibade (Senior Human Resource Manager Lucky Fibres Limited), Mr Akinmusire Adesina (Human Resource Manager Lush Hair Division Lucky Fibres Limited) and Akinsanya Mobola Olalekan (Human Resource/Admin Deputy Manager
Lucky Fibres Limited) lauded the initiative, asserting the need for awareness of this kind to sink in the hearts of the masses
“We are very pleased with Realers Initiative For coming up with such a laudable program to address social vices, at this point, it is what we need for our children to be thoroughly informed for them not to make costly mistakes in life”
“Lucky Fibres Limited is proud to be associated with such a positive course and rest assured they have our full support going forward” The Management added


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