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It ended 1 goal to Nil in favour of the Admiralty FC (Nigeria Navy) against TCCG FC (Omomajemu Boys Ikorodu) in their first derby game on the 20th of March 2022
A highly controversial but fierce encounter which took place at the Strong tower Academy (at Obafemi Awolowo way, Oke Ota-Ona Ikorodu) was the first for TCCG FC at the National division one league competition
The goal by Admiralty FC came in at the midpoint first half in the balanced aggregate encounter, which in no way subjected the TCCG FC team to a decline as both teams continued to dominate each other goal points with missed targets
It became controversial at the 72nd minute in the second half when a player from Admiralty FC was issued a 2nd yellow card which resulted in a red card was dismissed from the action, causing officials and supporters of the away team to agitate against the match officials
The turmoil which lasted for about 18 minutes was eventually subdued by the referee, but to the surprise of the spectators, the elapsed time was never added to the original game duration, leaving the derby side impassive when the final whistle was blown to end the intense contest
Though heavy security presence took the game smoothly, the president of TCCG FC (Omomajemu Boys), Bishop Festus Olufemi Omomajemu later expressed his displeasure with the game’s officials to Ikorodu News Network (INN), citing lack of experience and intimidation.
Bishop Olufemi continued, “I believe the league organisers need to look into the credibility of their officials and see to it that every 90 minutes of play is justified because that wasn’t the case in today’s game”
“We had a balanced game, and for TCCG FC, coming into the National division one league, it shows our readiness and determination to prove a competitive point at the table”
“With that said, it simply means that the successful preponderance of the game falls in the hands of the officials, and that must not be taken with levity”
The Bishop further decried the lack of time extension by the officials during the 2nd half due to the controversial red card dismissal of an Admiralty FC player
“When the player was issued the 2nd yellow card which resulted to a red, both the supporters and officials of Admiralty team side revolted towards the game officials at the far side of the pitch, which was perceived as intimidation”
“We later released that as the game continued, the referee never added the 18 minutes of stalled time due to the agitation, which was very unfair to TCCG FC”
“While we gaze towards our next encounter and work on all our lapses seen in this game, we’ll like to plead with the division one league organisers to address the issue of game officiating”
“Every team is working and training hard to attain the ultimate price, it will be outrageous to lose a game based on poor officiating” Bishop Festus Olufemi expanded


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