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“He must be looking for someone else, not me, I guess he’s here to assist another person!”, a surprised and perplexed male patient exclaimed at General hospital Ikorodu, as he was informed by Dr Taiwo Hassan (Medical Director/Chief Executive Officer) that a good Samaritan has voluntarily offset his medically accrued bills at the infirmary post-surgery
The supported man in return showered praises to his God sent helper, further requesting his name and possibly having his contact, but the good Samaritan declined, insisting that he was led to help with no strings attached.
Straight to the next ward, on the same trajectory to serve humanity, an unfortunate 15years old girl, who became the mother of a male child, she was impregnated by an unknown individual and was left in disarray after delivery.
Little did she know that favour was also knocking on her door as her bills were completely catered for. Though psychologically traumatised, she had a sigh of relief knowing she’ll walk out of the medical facility without paying a dime.
Adjacent to that very ward (emphasised above) was another precinct with a lady, who has just undergone a cesarean session (a surgical procedure used to deliver a baby through incisions in the abdomen and uterus). Planned ahead of time due to her pregnancy complications.
Ascertained that the lady was still recovering but also lacked financial backings to foot the bills, she was unexpectedly visited by the same good Samaritan chaperoned by the MD and was formally told that her bills has been cleared.
Filled with joy and forgetting she’s just recovering, the lady attempted to prostrate and thanked her unknown God sent helper, hurting herself in the process, but laughed it off together with staffs in utmost happiness.
And finally, a young boy who was admitted to the medical institution with a chronic illness, his ailment pressured his mother, who needed support (in raising funds) sold her phone in the process. He was also visited with bills cleared by the same good Samaritan.
This emotional tale came to light as well-known youth leader and entrepreneur, Prince Eniola Adeyemi (founder, ‘Wake-Up’ initiative) paid a courtesy visit to General Hospital Ikorodu and was received by the Medical Director (Dr Taiwo Hassan).
During the procedural visit, it was huddled that some patients were stranded in their various wards needing urgent financial assistance.
Feeling unhappy about the scenario, Prince Eniola Adeyemi bade the MD escort him into 4 random wards where such a predicament is empirical for his necessary intervention. And that was how the story began.
All four individuals as highlighted above were adequately supported for free, steering the MD to further expressed his gratitude towards the young vibrant leader for his kind gesture in putting smiles on faces around the ward.
Prince Eniola Adeyemi, later stated, “Health is wealth and some of the people we’re discerning with issues in this hospital never planned to face the challenges they’ve been plagued with”
“It is very important for us to be our brother’s keeper and assist when we’re in the position to do so. I also appreciate Dr Taiwo Hassan for enabling me to sow into the lives of people I know nothing about” Prince Eniola asserted.
Confidential: Names & Identity Of Assisted Patients withheld!


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