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Walking through the exterior of Ikorodu local government, touching down through areas like Ikorodu general hospital, library, Ebute roundabouts, mobile fuel fillings station down to Ibeshe road, Lions club region 4 & 5 executed its health awareness action on the 26th of March 2022.
As part of its 2022 Ikorodu Lions summit trajectory to educate residents on safety and longevity, members distributed flyers across streets and crescents as the clubs matched through colourfully.
At mass gatherings, inhabitants were cautioned on ways to avoid child cancer which includes; Not using tobacco, avoiding anyone smoking around the children (second-hand smoking), Protecting children from sunburn to prevent skin cancers, Feeding them healthy diets with fibres, fruits and vegetables, Avoiding processed meats, excessive red meat and salt intake, Encouraging exercise and keeping the children at healthy body weights, Limiting their exposure to chemicals e.g. indoor pesticides.
Limiting alcoholic consumption, Avoiding certain kinds of infections that could cause a suppressed immune system by timely vaccinations, and discouraging indiscriminate sexual practices, hard drug usage by teenagers and Visiting hospitals, specialised cancer centres when the early warning signs are present in the child.
Subsequently, with music playing, uplifting the moods, a special aerobic exercise session was introduced as members later converged at Oluwatoyin Lions activity centre, taking turns to sequence numerous exercise patterns.
Before the summit, club members of regions 4 & 5 also strutted in the void as blood patrons, donating blood to the Lagos State blood transfusion service.

The instinctive blood donation program under the Lagos state ministry of health is established to support accident victims, pregnant women, cancer and bone marrow failure patients, sickle cell anemia, chronic kidney disease on dialysis, premature babies, children with severe malaria and victims of major medical surgeries and severe injuries.
The donor experts were delighted as the service to humanity based club members donated extensively to the health course.
At the high point of the summit, units and leadership were all encouraged to embark on a rigorous growing course to increase their membership footing at all stations
Speakers include; Lion S.A Balogun mjf, nlcf (2nd Vice District Governor Candidate), Lion Kayode Oshinuga pmjf, nlcf (District Governor 404B2), Lion Otunba T.A.K Oloyede mjf,nlcf (Past Cabinet Secretary D404B Nig) and special guest, Lion Anyanwu Anogwi pmjf, nlcf (1st vice district Governor 404A1) who also represented the district Governor (Lion Fortune Wagbatsoma mjf,nlcf).
In summary, the summit was unique in allowing lion members of both regions 4 and 5 to come together, share joy and affection, and also rededicate themselves further to serve humanity.


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