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“In order to earn absolute benefit from the sacred month of Ramadan, it is important that we set expectations and also set aside ample time for the attainment of these objectives”
“When Ramadan comes, the gates of Paradise are opened and the gates of Fire are locked as the devils are chained. Ramadan is the month to fast, not feast” Imam Abdul Muheez Muh’ Qozeem (Proprietor Daaru Izzullah Arabic And Moral Institute Igbe Laara Ikorodu) delivers lecture to participants as students of Oreyo junior & senior grammar school, Zumuratul Islamiyyat junior and senior grammar school plus members & executives of Igbogbo students union converged at the pavilion exterior ground of the Adeboruwa of Igbogbo kingdom’s palace on the 26th of March 2022.
The Pre Ramadan lecture program was organised by the students body to educate Muslims faithfuls (targeted at amateurs) across the local council development area on ways to experience Ramadan goals and ascertain its achievement guides.
Imam Abdul Muheez in his educative lecture, continued, “During Ramadan we are meant to eat less than we normally do. We tend to do the exact opposite, eating better foods than normal. Our eating habits kill the roohaniyah that was meant to develop from controlling our appetite”
“After all the samosas and pakoras and pies and laddus we consume, our bodies become lazy and tired. This makes it difficult to pray Tarawih and Tahajjud and the essence of Ramadan is lost”
“The goal of fasting is to develop taqwa. Wise is the one who prepares accordingly by reducing sins and increasing his amaal” He added.
The Islamic cleric further explained the Virtues of Ramadan
“If we consistently perform our outstanding salaah in Ramadan, then although we may not be able to complete all that are outstanding in this month, insha-Allah through the blessing of this month, we will find it easy to continue performing them after Ramadan as well”
“We should try to recite the first kalimah in abundance, together with making istighfaar (seeking the forgiveness of Allah Ta‘ala) and reciting durood (sending salutations on Nabi [sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam])”
“And lastly, we should try to make at least 15 minutes of du‘aa daily. When making du‘aa, specifically ask Allah Ta‘ala for entry into Jannah and salvation from Jahannum” Imam Abdul Muheez asserted
The event anchored by Hon. Comr. Saliu Aliu Akorede (Omo-Alubarika), Director Of Studies-Igbogbo Students Union 2021 with a welcome address given by the Union President (Comr. Ewulogbo Temiloluwa), students in attendance were urged to possess the qualities of Being humble, dignified, tolerant, patient, faithful, straight forward and Learning from mistakes.
Ustad ‘Abdul Waheed Mudathir Olamilekan (Mursheed Ansar-Ur-Deen Youth Association Of Nigeria Igbogbo Branch) further took the students on ‘Qualities a good Muslim youth should have to be successful’
Abdul Waheed proceeded, “You must dream big and chase it to be able to know yourself and control yourself, it is also important for You to know the reason why you came to this world “Suratul ‘Aankabuth Verse 45”
“Believing in Allah Almighty, relying on him alone and having the fear of Allah is the ultimate. Remember his existence at every point we meet ourselves and we shouldn’t delay in doing good with good intentions” He concluded.
Special guest in attendance, Prince Waheed kasali (Permanent Secretary To the Office Of The Special Adviser On Education Lagos State) on the latter, advised every student to maintain their focus and pay more attention to their studies, which would be a sign of their level of seriousness and dedication.
With the union anthem taken by Comr. Aliu Mubarak Adekunle, The Pre-Ramadan Committee Chairman (Hon.Comr. Tijani Abdulsalam) Director Of Studies-Igbogbo Students’ Union 2022 in his vote of thanks acknowledged HRM Oba Semiudeen Orimadegun Kasali (Adeboruwa Of Igbogbo Kingdom) for his constant backings towards achieving the annual lecture program.
He also acknowledged both lecturers; Imam ‘Abdul Muherz Muh’ Qozeem Izzullahi (Proprietor Daaru Izzullahi Arabic And Moral Institute, Igbe Laara, Igbogbo Lagos State) and Ustadth ‘Abd Waheed Mudather Olalekan (Mursheed Ansar-Ur-Deen Youth Igbogbo Branch Lagos State) for charging up every student as they prepare towards the Ramadan.
Other guests in attendance were; Alh. Ganiu Olubodun(Aare Adinn Igbogbo Central Mosque), Alh. Olaide Wahab, Dist. Comr. Sanni Toyyib, Comr. Sanni Sherrif, Comr. Aliu Mubarak Adekunle, Comr. Kuti Damilare Opeyemi (NAIDS-National), IRS Teacher, Oreyo Grammar School and Principal Oreyo Senior Grammar School


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