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From Ikorodu Doyen Lions club, Lion Shakiru Adeniyi Balogun, exemplified with Competence, Integrity, Vision, Prudence, Accountability, Compassion, Passion and service is presently aspiring to become the next 2nd vice district governor in district 404A1 Nigeria for the year 2022 to 2023.
Tested and trusted over time with his theme, ‘HEART OF SERVICE’, Lion S.A Balogun has stated that his vision is to make a positive impact in the lives of members and the allocated service communities. Culminating with a mission to advance the ideals of Lionism through creative recruitment of quality members and innovative delivery of needed services to the communities.
In his manifesto, Lion Balogun reviews his projection of an overhauling of the recruitment process, prompt training and re-training of key officers and Lions at all levels to ensure efficiency and personal development. Engaging clubs and encouraging prompt payment of dues. Publicity is a key tool to propagate Lionism and attract quality members. Accountability is a key watchword of his administration. Equity, fairness and justice are to be inculcated into the minds and affairs of Lions at all levels.
Born April 11th, 1968 in Oyo Town and a married man, Lion Balogun schooled at Local Authority Primary School, Awumoro, Oyo where he got his Primary School Leaving Certificate, he progressed to Saint Bernadine’s Grammar School in Oyo to earn his WAEC Certificate and afterwards went to Oyo State College of Arts & Sciences, Ile Ife, Advancing his Level Certificate in Lagos State University, Ojo to bag his BSc. in Economics.
As business personnel, Lion Balogun rendered his service to Nigeria Security Printing and Minting Company, Ahmadu Bello Way as VI-Store Assistant (1988-1990), Bash trading Nigeria Enterprises as CEO (1990-2000), Paragon Peers Resources Nigeria Limited as Chairman/CEO 2001 till date and Peerage Private Schools as Founder/Proprietor- 2011 till date. Sunflower Oil and Gas Co. Ltd. as Chairman (2013), Fantastic Phones Ltd as CEO (2014) to date.
He Officially joined Ikorodu Lions Club starting as a secretary in 2001/2002. 2002/2003- 3rd VP, Ikorodu Lions Club 2003/2004- 2nd VP, Ikorodu Lions Club 2004/2005-1st VP, Ikorodu Lions Club 2005/2006-President, Ikorodu Lions Club, 2006/2007-Zone Chairperson 2008/2009- District Chairman, Lions Opportunity for Youth Committee 2010/2011- Region Chairperson 2012-2017-Member of various District Committees, 2017/2018-District Chairman, District Convention 2020/2021- Vice Chairman, District Election Committee.
Awards received; 2006-Club President Excellence Award, 2009-DG Appreciation Award, 2011-DG Appreciation Award as Region Chairperson, 2012- DG Appreciation Award as Convention Committee Chairperson.
CONFERENCE/FORA/CONVENTION; All African Conference 2004 Lagos, All African Conference 2016 Lagos, International Convention 2002-Osaka, International Convention 2007-Chicago, International Convention 2014-Toronto and International Convention 2019-Milan
OTHER ASSOCIATIONS AND PROFESSIONAL BODIES; Ikorodu Chamber of Commerce and Industries Ex-officio member, Golden Stars Club, Nigeria-Patron, United Vanguard Club of Nigeria- Past Secretary, Phones and Allied Products Dealers Association Member, Board of Trustees.
“I have over two decades of requisite experience at Club, Zone, Region and District levels and my philosophy has always been that whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well” Lion Shakiru Adeniyi Balogun inferred


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