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Hammed Olalekan Aroyewun (HOA), Lagos State House of Assembly Ikorodu Constituency 2 aspirant brought together reporters for a media parley on the 1st of April 2022 at Obateru Palace of Egbin kingdom in Ijede LCDA, bidding to set off his campaign as a prime candidate for Ikorodu constituency 2 seat.
Hammed Aroyewun, a Prince from Gbarule royal family in Egbin Kingdom, a prince from Ogunmuyiwa Ladega royal family in Ijede LCDA and also from the Aroyewun family in Igbogbo Baiyeku LCDA, poise to project his legislative agenda purely as a community project, made it known to members of the press that unified support will realise concrete development which has been charted by his Leap team for the constituency.
From the get-go, Aroyewun averred that no single public officer or public institution can solve all societal problems or provide quick, easy developmental solutions. Expanding that the community needs synergy and alignment of purpose in the short, medium, and long terms, simply because the jobs to be done are vast and arduous.
He continued, “if we make choices and serve together, enactment of the different initiatives that will succeed will be seamless. I am ready to be accountable to you and to be held to account by you”
“Ours is a campaign that identifies and values service. We believe the constituents brandish the kingship status, not the representative. This is not an ideology, it is pragmatism. I embody this realism because I am unapologetic about the advancement of our constituency through rendering non-chequered, integrity service” Aroyewun affirmed
On his legislative agenda, Hammed Aroyewun expressed his strategy as a stance to procure the quantum leap needed to galvanize pivotal areas that would facilitate grassroots development.
He proceeded, “From Education, Health, Social Care & Welfare; Science & Technology; Environment & Water Resources; Transportation & Traffic Management; Works & Housing; Urban & Rural Development; Industry & Commerce; Local Government & Chieftaincy Affairs; Youths & Sports Development; Internal General Revenue & Tax Matters; Agriculture & Food Security; CBD & the 21st Century Lagos Development as our core focus”
“With plans to activate and utilise this agenda, I have set up a Law & Policy Development team of brilliant lawyers, educationists, and community development professionals with whom I am reviewing and formulating legislative ideas for advancing our state”
The trait of our predicaments indicates that administrative litigations cannot be left in the hands of the executives alone. Our notion in thoroughness necessitated us tackling a painstaking appraisal of the inward and outward habitats of our boundary”
“We specified four core areas through which I will be delivering assistance in furtherance of executive litigations. Underpinned by synergy, the four areas are; Education, Social Welfare, Youth Emancipation, Food Security & Community Development
These four areas encircle the numerous factions of constituents as an entire and individually. Our education suggestions provide for life-long learning. The ideas we will be initiating will support primary school pupils, secondary school students, tertiary institution students, professional qualification applicants, and enrollees at our vocational and mass education centres
With our social welfare ideas, we will give regular, well-packaged support to elders, women, indigents, persons living with disabilities and other vulnerable persons in our constituency. Special attention will also be given to emancipating the youths socio-economically. I am highly passionate about this highly energized demography because, with the right initiatives, this demography will drive the economic advancement of our constituency and state in general. The demography will be supported through learning, working, and living. I assure you loads of packages await this demography
It should however be noted that I will be supporting the wellbeing of the entire constituency through ensuring food security and community development. My support will close the gaps in how much public goods constituents in smaller towns got versus that got by constituents in the main towns” Hammed Aroyewun added
“On this note, am appealing to my party (APC) delegates and the decision-makers to support me in the primary elections which will select the party flag bearers, I urge all constituents aged 18 years and over to the campaign and vote for me during the main elections in 2023, and also I want to strongly urge my fellow constituents to make their vote count”
There have been boasting that we are not rich to afford the cost of the elections. They know they cannot match our acumen, proactiveness, and network, so they thought they could scare us with the irrelevant claim that they will outspend us. But they are wrong! They forget that you, the people, have the power and the riches. That is why many of you have come on board to co-produce HOA4HOA’23″ Hammed Aroyewun asserted
He concluded by extending his profound gratitude to the Adeboruwa of Igbogbo kingdom (HRM Oba Abdul-Semiu Orimadegun Kasali, Emugoriade I), Ranodu of Imota (HRM Oba Ajibade Agoro), the royal council of Ijede led by the regent (High Chief Aliu Musediku Ogunmuyiwa) and Obateru-in-council.


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