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Giving out the message against civil indecencies is never sufficient as people keeps revealing themselves as a victim of circumstances, leading to a percentage of the young dying more than the older folks.
According to recent research, Poverty, life expectancy, lack of parental education and family structure with absence of adequate orientation are important factors in young Nigerian mortality peril, with the general youths facing a greater risk of early death from drug abuse obtained injuries and suicides as the leading cause of death among young adults.
Kicking against the negative trajectory and sounding the alarm to bring sanity into the mindset of millennials, Real Youth For Positive Impact Initiative (known to myriad as Realers Initiative) once again took to the streets, educational institutions and Ikorodu North LCDA in its fight against social vices across the Ikorodu division.
Teaming up this time around with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), the youth empowerment denomination touched down at Modus Dream school in the early hours of the 6th of April 2022, engaging the private institution in ways to stay away from abusing drugs.
In her straightforward engagement with the pupils, Mrs Sanni EdagbagbeOluwaranti Bilikis (Assistant Commander of Narcotics (ACN) Professional Counselor in Charge Drug Demand Reduction Units of Ikorodu Area Command, Kasolori), Drug Abuse is an act of using certain substances or chemicals to create pleasurable effects on the brain or could also be referred to as the excessive, maladaptive or addictive use of drugs for non-medical purposes despite social, psychological and physical problems that may arise from such use.
She continued, “when the drug is abused, the aftereffects come on both the brain and spinal cord, which has long-term consequences and even death in some cases”
“Taking drugs without doctors prescription or instructions is purely referred to as drug abuse, and that is noticed amongst young people today, due to negative influence, bad friends and also through social media”
“We’re taking it as a duty to come to schools and reach out to the communities rightful to reasons that it is a collective battle, and also because some parents are not fully aware that orientating their children on how to stay away from these negative practices is crucial, it has even been discovered that some parents are even abusing drugs while their children watch”
“That’s is why this sensitisation move is critical and important to us at this period, and we appreciate Ayanfeoluwa Ayobami’s Real Youth For Positive Impact Initiative for reaching out to us to team up together to execute this positive agenda for the common good of our society at large” Mrs Sanni Bilikis asserted
Mr Kehinde Adewuyi (Chief Superintendent of Narcotics (CSN) Staff Officer Investigations) further stated to the student consequences of someone caught with illegal drugs.
“It is between the range of 5 to 35 years in prison for those caught with an illegal drug, we take the offence seriously because it’s one of the major reasons why social vices are not leaving our communities”

“Most people we see misbehaving and causing unrest in our neighbourhood are mostly under the influence of one drug or the other, that’s we take the punishment seriously as an agency fighting against drug abuse”
“We must be careful of the friends we follow and the lifestyle they adopt, some of them are under the influence of drugs which we might not be privy to know at first, but eventually we get to know when it’s already too late”
“We’re here today to make everyone understand that the fight against drug abuse is our priority and as long as negative mindsets continue to indulge in it, we’re going to amplify the awareness and fight against it consistently” Mr Kehinde substantiated
Before the rigorous motorised awareness campaign executed by the NDLEA and Modus Dream Schools, Oluwamayowa Itunuayomi Aramide (B.sc Accounting, MD/CEO Modus dream school and Project Coordinator, Real Youth For Positive Impact Initiative) in her vote of thanks expressed her utmost joy to the management and delegate of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) for joining the course to reach out to schools and local communities, stating that the quest is a collective battle.
“If we continue to work together like this at a consistent pace, it will go a long way to help our future leaders, shaping the destiny pathway. It is awareness programs like this that increase their focus level and transform their lives positively”
“NDLEA is an agency specially set aside by the government to tackle drug abuse in Nigeria, and having them onboard this course is a blessing that cannot be overemphasized” Miss Mayowa added
Cruising past the inner section of Is axis of Ikorodu North LCDA, the NDLEA together with Modus Dream Schools reached out to residents with both public address systems and flyers, issuing stem warnings for drug users to stay away from the habit and for the one without the knowledge of it to mind the kind of company they keep.
The motorised awareness campaign against drug abuse ended at the secretariat of Ikorodu North LCDA as both the Real Youth For Positive Impact Initiative, NDLEA and students of Modus Dream Schools were received by the council-manager Mr Abiodun Babinton who lauded the course as a huge plus to the community.
Mr Babinton continued, “It is very important to always keep the message out there for the sake of our innocent children who has little or no understanding but are entangled in a bad circle of companies”
“Drug abuse has been a problem from way back, which has been a contributing factor to a lot of bad influences in our society today. But together we shall continue to sound the alarm of its life-wrecking consequences to the general public”
“I want to specifically appreciate the NDLEA Ikorodu Area command for joining this course and making their presence felt, with them on board we’re only going to yield positive results in the fight against drug abuse, and to Real Youth For Positive Impact Initiative and Modus Dream Schools, it gives me the joy to know that we’re not in this quest alone” Mr Babinton concluded
Another representative that chaperoned the council-manager in receiving the awareness collectives includes; Mr Kazeem Adeseye Head of Human resources, Mr Akeem Hassan Council Treasurer, The Legal officer and Mr Jinadu Olalekan Head of Education Department


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