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Narrated Abu Bashir Al-Ansari (r.a.): He was in the company of Allah’s Messenger on one of his journeys. Allah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him) sent a messenger ordering: “There shall not remain any necklace of a bowstring or any other kind of necklace round the necks of camels except it is cut off” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim).
Ibn Mas’ud (r.a.) narrated that he heard Allah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him) saying: Ar-Ruqa, At-Tama’im and At-Tiwalah are all acts of Shirk (Polytheism).” (Musnad Ahmad; Abu Dawood).
Ar-Ruqa or Al-Aza’im is the act of reciting incantations, charms etc. Those are allowed in which there is no trace of Shirk (polytheism). Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has permitted it in case of being bitten by poisonous insects or
disturbed under the effect of an evil eye. At-Tama’im is the act of putting an amulet around the necks of children to protect them from the effects of the evil eye. If the amulet contains the verse of the Quran or Allah’s Name and Attribute then it is allowed by some predecessors (salaf) though equally disallowed by others too. Ibn Mas’ud (r.a.) was among those who disapproved of it.
At-Tiwalah (bewitching) is something done by those who claim they can cause a woman to become more fond of her husband or vice-versa. Abdallah bin Ukaim narrated the following Marfu’ Hadeeth: “Whoever uses, attaches to himself or wears a talisman, will have that talisman put in charge of him.” (Ahmad & Tirmidhi) Ruwaifi’ (r.a.) said that Allah’s Messenger (Peace be upon him) said to him: “O Ruwaifi! it may be that you will live a long time after me, so inform people that whoever ties a knot in his beard, places any string or cord around his neck (as a charm), or cleans himself (after toilet) with animal dung or bone, then Muhammad (Peace be upon him) has disowned him (has nothing to do with him).” (Ahmad) Sa’id bin Jubair said: “Whoever cut an amulet or talisman from anyone, it would be equal to liberating a slave.”
It was Waki’ who recorded it, and he reported from Ibrahim Nakh’i that they used to dislike every type of amulet and talisman whether they contained the verse of the Quran or anything else.
[They were the companions of Abdullah bin Mas’ud (r.a.)].
The important issue of the Lesson: All the three above-mentioned acts are considered by Shirk without exception.


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