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Princess (Chief) Mrs Ezuma Chinyerem Scholastica is a professional cosmetologist and ambassador for V.I.P Industries LTD, Makers Of Topklass products in Nigeria.
Known for mostly standing in the gap to assist the female gender on diverse front, Princess Scholastica unveiled an intellectual viewpoint to Ikorodu News Network (INN) on the 22nd of April 2022, standing in the gap for V.I.P Industries Limited to relate the varieties of products possess by Topklass manufacturers.
Popularly known as Nelly (and founder of Unique Nelly Academy Limited), she is the writer of ‘Comprehensive Approach To Cosmetology book 1 & 2’ which is in line with the federal ministry of education’s new curriculum.
According to Princess Ezuma, Most ladies are having problems with making their hair firm, they’ve tried so many styling gels and still are not satisfied because they’ve not used Topklass hair styling Gel, Adding that Topklass hair styling Gel gives soothing and long lasting firm hair.
Princess Nelly continued, “Topklass creme relaxer is another product that glows the hair, giving the weaveon great curls. The relaxer reduces pain and eliminates burns, it also contains mineral oil and petrolatum which is used as moisturizing agents to treat dandruff and cradle cap and most importantly it contains protein which rebuilds the strength, elasticity and reduce breakage”
“No one enters a saloon without using the shampoo, and Topklass shampoo are very affordable and rich, knowing that for every retouching the hair must be neutralised first”
“On the other hand, the Viola Exotic Growth products defends hair against breakage, splits-ends and dryness. It is blended with natural oils and conditioners that protects and enriches the hair”.
“For a stronger, longer, healthier looking hair, I highly recommend the use of Viola Exotic Growth Conditioning Shampoo, Viola Exotic Growth detangling Conditioner and Viola Exotic Growth Neutralizing Shampoo Gel”
“Viola supper hold is like the holding lotion, no matter how soft the hair is, viola super hold keeps it together. And also, Viola super hair treatment is for the barbers, specially for those who would barb and wind up having bumps on their head, the hair treatment prevents such bumps from occurring in sensitive skins, even in cases of ezyma or dandruff” Princess Ezuma asserted
Supplementary products from the stable are; Topklass instant shampoo, Topklass instant hair conditioner (Gold & White), New improved Topklass creme relaxer, Topklass neutralising shampoo, Topklass coloured instant hair conditioner with protein, Topklass super setting lotion, Topklass neutralising solution, Topklass hair & scalp conditioner plus (hair cream), Topklass styling Gel (white & Black) amongst others.
Princess Ezuma Scholastica has worked with V.I.P industries limited for over 10 years, which earned her a consultancy status to provide expert recommendations for hair solution enthusiasts on behalf of the brand.


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