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As the primaries for the Lagos State house of assembly race close in, more prospects are enlisting the train, seeking the ultimate price of representing its constituents.
Barely weeks to go, former Ijede local community development area chairmanship aspirant, Hon Oluwatosin Onamade on the 23rd of April 2022, made his choice inferred across Ijede LCDA, declaring his intention as a viable candidate to run for the Lagos State house of assembly in Ikorodu constituency 2.
With party leaders, traditional heads, members of his OSMO campaign group and delegates from Ndi-Igbo in Ijede LCDA overwhelming the Josheld International hotel, Onamade, in his declaration speech stated that his intention to run for the LSHA seat is based on demands by community members and party leaders, who placed high level of belief and faith on him and his leadership potentials and proficiency to deliver true representation for Ikorodu Constituency 2.
Onamade continued, “As a man who is highly passionate about public service, I am inspired by the courage and achievements of all the leaders who have charted the path of development for Ikorodu constituency 2”
“While it is important to ride on their successes for the goodwill of our people, I am further compelled by the urgency of the current prevailing economic situation affecting our dear Ikorodu citizens to develop ideas and strategies and also make courageous and intentioned decisions that impact positively on their lives”
“My declaration to contest in the 2023 House of Assembly election in Lagos State on the platform of our dear party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), is a promise to provide and guarantee qualitative, passionate, visible and result-oriented representation for Ikorodu constituency 2”
“I will also leverage on the experiences of the best hands in Ikorodu constituency 2 to provide the desired representation in every sense of the word to my constituents”

“As a democrat and firm believer in the rule of law, if given the opportunity to represent Ikorodu constituency 2 in the Lagos State House of Assembly, I will collaborate with other colleagues in the state Assembly to review some laws that have remained a clog in Lagos State to engender progress, unity and fair-play”
“I assure you that if I am elected as a member of Lagos State House of Assembly, to represent Ikorodu constituency 2, I am going to be a visible, listening, discerning and active legislator”
“Therefore, I call on leaders, members, and all stakeholders of our great ruling party within Ikorodu constituency 2 to support my aspiration to be APC flag-bearer in the coming Lagos State House of Assembly primary election in 2023″
“I am sending a clarion call to our party leaders, members, men and women, youth and the elderly, that there is a lot of work to be done to achieve more in Ikorodu constituency 2 of our dreams. I urge everyone to come out, support and vote for me during our party primaries, so that I can be the APC flag-bearer in the coming general election” Hon Onamade asserted
In a solace footnotes, chief Adewale Ajala (APC apex leader, Ijede LCDA), urged members and party loyalists to show their support in getting their voters card to vote Hon Onamade and not just sing all day long.
Chief Ajala continued, “Everyone must understand the dynamism of politics, one thing is to shout all day, the other thing is to get your PVC and vote. Being able to vote speaks more volume than chanting Onamade’s name all day”
“If you want to show him that you truly which him success all the way, you must ensure to have your PVC ready for the primaries, get everyone ready and come out en mass to vote in Onamade”
“It is not a secret that presently at the Lagos state house of assembly in Ikorodu constituency 2, based on rotation, it Ijede time to shine, that’s why all hands must be on deck to propel Onamade to the house of assembly” Chief Ajala substantiated
In a follow up statements, Princess Ezuma Chiyerem Scholastica JP (representing the Ndi-Igbo in Ijede LCDA) affirmed absolute support of her base towards Hon Onamade’s success
“I speak on behalf of my people, and we do not want from hand to mouth support anymore, we need a leader that will carry all of us along for a better and progressive community”
“Onamade has shown us that love and care, so we’re coming all out to give him our support as he thrives towards representing Ikorodu constituency 2 at the Lagos State house of assembly”
“If the election is about the numbers, then Onamade will be victorious, if it is about voting only, then his mind should be at rest because we are going all out for him come May” Princess Scholastica maintained
Other guests at the declaration event includes; Chief Oluremi Shobote (Alashe of Oke-eletu), Chief Nofiu Abiodun (regent of Oke-eletu), Mr Rotimi Bogunde (APC chairman, ward D2), Chief Oludayo Awolafe Oshikoya, Hon Emmanuel Aguda, Alhaji Monsuru Bello (APC general secretary, Ijede LCDA) etc.


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