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Aimed at reducing the level of poverty and providing productive measures for the youths around the community most especially the girl child, Princess (Chief) Ezuma Scholastica Chiyerem, inferred more as ‘Nelly’ has empowered more female gender in Ikorodu division than most stakeholders.
Princess Scholastica Nelly, former vice president of the Nigerian Association of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists (Lagos state chapter) and first chairman, of the Nigerian Association of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists (Ikorodu division) started making an impact in the beauty sector some 36years ago after being equipped by her mother, further attending Surely beauty world (in Lagos state) for extensive training.
Her empowerment and training institution simply recognised as UNAL School of Cosmetology according to her has trained approximately two thousand girls for free and three thousand ladies based on partnerships with other agencies.
A branch of Unique Nelly Academy limited, the institution deals with the human body, specifically the outer layer of the skin and hair. “It use to be hairdressing and makeup back then, but now cosmetology has changed the beauty sector because it broadens the glamour culture” Princess Scholastica explains
“We started as Emily millionaire hairdressing school, it was subsequently changed to Nelly Beauty World before climaxing with Unique Nelly Academy which we still maintain today”
“The reason we’ve been able to train about 5 thousand ladies so far is that we’ve seen the situation of the country, people cannot afford to pay the charges affixed to our courses, so we typically issue out free scholarships for interested cosmetologists to get trained”
“With courses ranging from Makeup, Use of English/Public Speaking, Head Tie Designs (Gele), Professional Ethics/Public Relations Pedicure & Manicure, Marketing (Cosmetics/Services), Nail Art (acrylic, Etc.), Sterilization/Sanitation, Production of Cosmetics (Organic & Inorganic), Art Of Hair Making (Hairdressing), Wig Making and Maintenance, Facial Treatment, Project Work / Exhibition, Body Massage, Body Exfoliation, Skin Polishing etc, the institution is based in Igbodu area of Ijede LCDA in Ikorodu, providing durational courses from one to six months respectively”
Furthermore, Princess Scholastica, a politician and human right activists (with her NGO, Great Height Women Achievers International) has been a huge source of support to women (especially) the widows around her proxy community.
“My NGO is not about sharing rice and beans like others always do, we’re about showing these women how to become a home provider, we don’t want them begging for money and thus jumping from one man to the other, that’s why our focus is to teach them how to catch the fish and not just offer them the fish
“We teach them how to manufacture soaps, creams and other productive measures that will keep them engaged and focus on making ends meet for them to empower their family”
“We don’t just engage the widows, we also engage their children, even to the local government level, we’re sometimes consulted to reach out to the women across the communities, that’s an area we love to explore more, working together with the government and even private institutions to bring our people out of obscurity” Princess Scholastica asserted
Princess Ezuma Scholastica Nelly is the writer of ‘Comprehensive Approach To Cosmetology’ books 1 & 2, which is a thorough guide for every aspiring cosmetic enthusiast.


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