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Lagos State Education District II has received a delegation of African Culture researchers from South Carolina, USA, for an exchange programme aimed at espousing sterling cultural practices among the Yorubas and strengthening cultural relations between the Black Americans and Africans.
The Tutor-General/Permanent Secretary, Education District II, Mrs. Anike Adekanye, while receiving the delegates, appreciated Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu for taking deliberate steps to project the rich culture of Lagos State both locally and internationally.
Her words: “Lagos is lucky to have a Governor and leaders in the education sector who are always supporting and providing an enabling environment for teaching in Lagos. This visit by the US delegates is an affirmation that the Governor is working and it’s visible for all to see”.
She promised that the entire team of Education District II will ensure there are valuable and visible results for all the resources being committed to the education sector under the present administration.
Adekanye also commended the “Egbe Akomolede Asa ati Ise Yoruba” in the District, describing them as the brain behind the indigenous performances displayed by the students from various schools within the District.
Gloria Boutle, Leader of the delegation, expressed happiness at the choice of Education District II, Lagos State, Nigeria for the exchange programme, appreciating how the cultural practices of the Yoruba race were explained and relayed to them by the officials of the District.
Boutle explained that the visit was a result of the importance attached to the Yoruba language and its cultural practices generally among Black Americans, adding that the experience would afford the visitors an opportunity to learn about the cultures and replicate them back home.
According to her: “There is a bond between the black African/Americans and the people of Nigeria in terms of their cultural heritage, especially the Yoruba race, and I am particularly glad that this visit espoused the uniqueness of the Yoruba language, greetings, dance, occupations, lifestyle, traditions and other areas that are typically looked down upon by foreigners”.
She said that the visit and the choice of Lagos speak to the peculiarity of the State, its wide acceptability beyond the shores of the country as well as its rich cultures and traditions that are always projected and showcased.
Students from the District entertained the visitors with different cultural performances including the Bata dance, which originated from the Sango worshippers, the warriors and the traditional hunters during festive periods.
Also, students from Lagos State Civil Service Model College, Ikorodu, performed a traditional dance known as “Apepe Dance” in which bamboo sticks were used to produce melodious beats. The dance originated from Ikorodu town.
Members of the delegation include Dr. Gwenda Greene, Dr. George Johnson, Janice Baines, Dr. Anthony Broughton, Sauda Collins, Eli Davis, Julid Dawson, Dr. Jarvais Jackson, Dr. Tondaleya Jackson, Tempesst Johnson, Dr Dywanna Smith and Lionel Smith.
Some academics in attendance were: Professor (Mrs.) Mopelola Omoegun, Professor Bayo Oladipo, Associate Professor Joseph Awoyinfa, Dr. (Mrs.) Moji Adewunmi, Dr Moji Manuel and Mrs Bola Awoniyi, among others.


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