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One of the main essences of old students association is to keep social contacts among the Alumni alive and active, serving as a forum to stimulate relationships between the alumni, present students, the staff and the management of the school with the basic goal to exchange ideas, which besides being mutually helpful, will mostly help in achieving excellence and proficient competence, donating to aid the quality of life.
Aimed at enabling a feeling of belonging among partners of the alumni, present students, staff and the management of the school with the common goal of overall development, premier Ikorodu academy, Oriwu college experienced the equivalent.
The award-winning institution saw a lot of mixed emotions, reminiscing the good aged times as Oriwu college old students association (OCOSA) set 82 commemorated its 40th anniversary on the 23rd of June 2022.
A sentimental assembly, imprinted with an already life-established set of school leavers appearing together at the school’s foyer to make extraordinary its former routines featured an educative lecture, project commissioning and tree seeding to honour fallen compatriots.
The set, also includes the present Executive Chairman, Ikorodu local government, Hon. Wasiu Adesina displayed its uniqueness in numerous ways.
Students from both the junior and senior college were engaged in a lecture tagged ‘effects of bullying on the school climate’, presented by Mr Nurudeen Oduyemi
In his address, Oduyemi stated that during the 80s, ‘bullying’ was perceived as a part of growing up in school, so it was not given the necessary attention then”.

He continued, “Besides, to an ordinary man on the street, it is erroneously believed that ‘bullying’ is synonymous with all forms of physical harm, that is slapping, shoving, kicking and punching, Many people even equate ‘bullying’ with harassment, coercion or intimidation for no obvious reason”.
It is not an exaggeration to say that bullying is an epidemic. Today, all forms of physical harm and other forms mentioned above are just a part of bullying. The twenty-first-century realities have rendered all the previous perceptions on bullying obsolete”.
Oduyemi further touched on Physical Bullying, Verbal Bullying, Indirect or Social Bullying, Cyber Bullying and the reasons bullies engage in the activity.
Pointing out the lack of attention from parents at home (children of divorced parents; children of parents under the influence of drugs) and lack of knowledge that their actions are anti-social, oduyemi surmised that bullying is also perpetrated by older siblings at home and also by some so-called mentors.
With a cultural dance performance interlude, Hon. Wasiu Adesina, Ikorodu local government council boss in his remarks exhorted alumni for keeping the old-time memories alive by executing a unique program to celebrate its 40th anniversary.
Requesting everyone give a minute of silence to all their fallen comrades, the council boss utilised his speech, urging other oriwu set alumni to commit to more improvement projects for the institution to expand in size and infrastructure.
Adesina concluded his oration by saluting the current administration of Oriwu college, headed by Mr Akeem Bello (principal), for propelling the school to a greater height on different educational footings within and outside Ikorodu.
The celebration climaxed with the 82-set commissioning of four structured liquid distribution tanks to supply water to different sections of the school district, and a tree planting to pay more tribute to the 15 late alumni.
Among the alumni also includes, Mr Ademola Olatunsi, Mr Adebayo Kuforin, Ms. Tinuade Ajibade, Mrs Bola Oderinde, Chief Adebayo Awomodu, Mr Akeem Bello and others.


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