IKORODU FITNESS FESTIVAL (IKFF) is a health and wellness advocacy platform coined out of the need to orientate, motivate, sensitise and engage the Ikorodu community on physical fitness, aerobic experience and high impact workout to encourage youths, public and dance enthusiasts alike.

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STYLEURFITNESS Pukka Concept encompasses a team of experienced and ambitious talented skillful young minds. We have over the years gained experiences and supports from both international and local sources, through what we are known for. SPC is known for engaging her environment/ community into energetic driving activities and unleashing unusual concepts by organizing physical involving events. such as Wesley university treasure hunt (WUTH) and STYLEURFITNESS club in Ondo State, Ikorodu Bodybuilding Easter fiesta and Mr. Ikorodu Bodybuilding Competition (M.I.B.C) featuring IKODSS in Lagos State, Youthful Exhibition and Skill Empowerment Takum (Y.E.S.E.T), Health Campaign, stage play (acting), construction of Monument in Taraba state where we were honoured with State Award and many more varieties with steadfast aim to contribute towards developing her immediate community, economy and its society. We also identify and give opportunities to our youths to explore and be engaged.