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Vice Chairman Of Ikorodu Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba Acknowledges Hon. Doyin Johnson At His Birthday


Feb 16, 2020
Hon. Doyin Johnson

A Birthday that metaphorically empowers indigenes to be committed to transforming the lives of everyone
around them was the perfect reflection in Ikorodu North Local Govt. at Odogunyan as Hon. Doyin Johnson
marks another age lift with his 2nd edition of Leadership Lectures at the Bola Tinubu Estate Hall.

With a direct essence of Transforming the Minds Of Leaders to be used as an intrument for National
Development the program was graced by his friends, Family, Well wishers, Party loyalists & emminent
personalities in Ikorodu.

Guests At The Program

Asiwaju Frontliners was the organizers of the event & despite the educative nature of the event,
there was alot of cakes and gift items brought in by supporters to celebrate Hon. Doyin Johnson.

Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba (Vice Chairman of Ikorodu Local Govt. & also the National Deputy
Chairman, Association of Local Govt. Vice Chairmen of Nigeria) graced the program in style & was
also recieved by her women supporters with a warm welcome before she took the podium as the Guest Speaker
for the day. She very much acknowledged Hon. Doyin Johnson and congratulated him on his birthday
anniversary before going ahead to enlightened the audience on TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP AS AN

Ikorodu Vice Chairman Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba (Guest Speaker)

She disclose that the world leaders are now focus on sustainable development as the viable way forward for our
future & children, Insisting that everyone must go home understanding the need to motivate, inspire, empower
and informate one another for a greater height to be achieved.
“Nigeria as a country requires national development and this cannot happen without a good leadership, Not just
a leadership but a transformational leadership that can help to add value to everyone’s lives, every child, every
family, each state and also to the national level”, said Princess Folashade.

She advised everyone to mind their business by staying focus because distraction is all around the communities.
“Our altitude in life is determined by our attitude, so we must believe to achieve this great project of building our
great nation to be one of the best. Which means we must desire the potential to do our best (vision), and we must be
the very best in what we do (Authenticity)”.

Barrister Ade Ayeni the secretary to the local govt. in Igbogbo bayieku LCDA, who is also a close friend to the
celebrant followed up the momentum right after the vice chairman to emphasis the natural attributes of Hon. Doyin
Johnson which is centered around his extreme level of loyalty to the service of humanity.

Barrister Ade Ayeni

“I am where i am today not because of my certificate, Yes i studied Law in school, But it was a direct result of my father’s
sacrifice that am living a successful live today, I say this because Hon. Doyin Johnson is doing a lot that people do not
understand the sacrifice his making, And at that people do not know that he is a human being and he also needs
He prayed earnestly for the celebrant that as he advance in his age must he reap all the fruits of his labor in the line
of duty.

Alhaji Odumba Taiwo Abiodun who is the principle of Lagos University international school Ojo (the last speaker)
came in with a lot of eye opening fact about the real essence of transformation in everyone. As a teacher he went as far
to intimate the audience on how to invest on their children in order to make them better leaders for societal change.

Alhaji Odumba Taiwo Abiodun

“As parents we all follow our brains and we have failed to train our heart which is where the real transformation starts
from, We need to comprehend the fact that corruption and immorality is simply the contamination of the heart. We must
intend to change ourself first before we can decide to change the nation”, said Alh. Abiodun.
He encouraged the celebrant never to weever on his efforts to become an agent of change in Nigeria and thanked him
for been a role model to the people of Ikorodu North LGA & lagos state in general.

It was time for the celebrant to hit the podium as he extensively thanked everyone for coming to mark his birthday with
him and vowed to keep serving the motherland as long as he graced with consistent capacity.

Hon. Doyin Johnson With Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba

“I am glad we are on the 2nd edition of this leadership teaching series, it means we can make positive impact simultaneously
while we also celebrate life”.
He thanked the Iya-Oloja of mile 12 market who was also present at the celebration and gave a lot of kudos the speakers for
make the event worth the while.

Article Created: 16th February 2020


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